Boost Up Your Internet Speed By 20%

Today i am telling you that how you can boost up your internet speed to 20%. If you will follow these instructions then you will be able to increase your internet speed up to 20%, It is very easy Method and would be very Helpful and Useful for you.
In fact, The microsoft reserves 20% of the available bandwidth for their own purposes like windows updates and interrogation your computer etc...
And by unreserving this, you can make your internet booster up to 20%.

Now how to unreserve the bandwidth? So the method to unreserve is given below.

First of all go to Start and type in run "Gpedit.msc".

Go to "Local Computer  Policy". And then click on "Computer Configuration" in the right panel.then click on "Administrative Template",then click on "Network" and then click on "Qos packet scheduler".
Find here "Limit reservable bandwith" and double click on it. It will say that it is not configured but the truth is under the "Explain", which will on the top tab. But you don't to click on them just read if you interest. You have to select the option "Enable". And set the reservable bandwith to 0 "ZERO".
 Your work is done now. click apply and then ok.Your internet will now boost up 20%...

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  1. That's really helped me to improve my internet speed.I followed your tips and confirmed it through a speed test in

  2. Thanks both for reading our post & appreciating.
    I glad to hear that the post helped you & improved your internet speed.

  3. can find gpedit when typed in run