How to capture a screen shot

As you know in this category we discussing about the basics of windows so you should know, that how you can take a screen shot from your desktop. sometimes you want to capture your screen shot window which you will need after that, for this purpose you will take the screen shot and it will save with you like a picture and then you can send it as email or use it for many purposes. For example i am taking screen shots to use it later in my blog. So The method is given below.
Applies to win xp:

1* Click the window you want to capture: Now hold at "print screen" key. the print screen key is near to upper-right corner of your keyboard.
{also depends on your keyboard type i saw in many keyboard in which the exact key name is different }.

2*. Now goto Paint."click start, accessories and then click here on paint".
Now in the paint window press "Ctrl+v" their you will see your desire window which was you want to capture.
3*.You can edit it.after editing you can save it as a picture.i.e bmp,jpeg, gif etc... thats it.

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