How To Find/Remove Memory Card Password


In this post I am telling you that how you can remove a password from micro sd memory card?
Some times people apply a password to memory card to protect the data from others, But some times they forgot the password and they don't know what was the password was given by him? What to do now to find this password? So today i am going to discuss, how to find the forgotten password. Their are two methods to find/remove the desire password.
remove password


*In the first method as given below will require a software,"FExplorer".
*In the second method there will no need any software to install, but you will lost your data to recover your password trough this method.



(i)As you know, to recover your memory card password you need a software "Fexplorer" so download this software and install this in any symbian mobile phone.*You can search this software on google and you will find this and will download easily"
(ii) After installing you have to Go to drive C: you will find a file called mmcstore
(iii) Send it to your pc directly and open it in notepad or rename the file.
(iv) At the end of the file you will find your desire password.

*.Their are also another software by which you can find your desire password named "explore wap" Install this in any symbian mobile. run it and press 0 and select "show system files". Then go to this path C:/sys/data/mmcstore

After going to mmcstore press 3.
you will see your desire password in 3rd column. So this is your password that you seen...


This method is very easy. just put your memory card in Nokia 6120c or any Qmobile and goto gallery and format memory card. if the phone asked for password here then give password as 0000 and click format. After formating memory card open memory card now your phone will not asking for password!!!

That it...


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  1. dude.. give the link for downloading explore wap

  2. how to recover memory card data on nokia x2-02 if password is forgotten??

  3. I too need hw 2 recover nokia x2-00, memory card password..

  4. how to recover forgotten password .. that dont need to format ???

  5. How to press 0 because i'm using nokia 5233 and which it's not possible in to do so.

  6. I have the best trick ever which is not described by anyone on the web.............. to unlock ur memory card u need two softwares
    1. Rufuse

    Format the card using this software..

    2. Download any card recovery software to restore ur card data.
    Thats it........

  7. nice tricks, thanks for sharing bhai


  8. I glad to see you here 'Shakeel' bhai, keep commenting.

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    Thanks a lot to the admin for sharing such useful tutorials!!!

  10. I have forgotten my SDHC memory card unlock password also I do not have the MMCSTORE file as I had formatted my handset sometime back. I am using Nokia E5. I am able to access the Card on E5 but not on any other device. I have even formatted the memory card. How do I unlock the memory card ?