Collection of cool and funny notepad tricks

As you know notepad involves in creating many useful tricks and producing some fun and real tricks. Just like our previous post "How To Lock The Folder In Pc Without using software" the usage of notepad was on top and the work was done by notepad, and so many other tricks are also come in the middle using notepad, we will post other tricks very soon using notepad. But here are just a collection of 4 cool and some fun. You may know or not. More notepad tricks will be discussed later because if we discuss it now then the post will take a long time to read,  So nothing more,  turn to the tricks given below.
*.No 1_OF_4:
1. Open Notepad
2. Write something and at the end write .LOG (LOG must in capital letters)
Save the file and close it.
3. Double-click the file to open
it and notice that Notepad
appends the current date and
time and date at the end of the your text you typed.
So by this trick you can also use your
notepad as a personal diary.
*.NO 2_OF_4: notepad
2. type bush hid the facts
3. save it and close it...
4 then open it again and see
the changes.

*.NO 3_OF_4:
Do you know the number of
the flight that was used to
attack the world Trade
The flight number was Q33N.
So open your Notepad, type
the number of the flight (i.e.
Now click on format>font,
increase the font size upto 72,
and change the font style to 'wingdings'. Now see the
amazing thing.
*.NO 4_OF_4:
 Over at Win Customize,
someone thought they'd
found an Easter Egg in the
Windows Notepad application.
If you:
1. Open Notepad
2. Type the text "this app can
break" (without quotes)
3. Save the file
4. Re-open the file in Notepad Notepad displays seemingly-
random Chinese characters, or
boxes if your default Notepad
font doesn't support those
characters. It's not an Easter egg (even
though it seems like a funny
one), and as it turns out,
Notepad writes the file
correctly. It's only when
Notepad reads the file back in that it seems to lose its mind.

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