14 Most impressive And Funny Google Tricks -In Google Search Bar

Are you got bored using internet??
There i am telling some cute fun with the google for some fun just for you. so there are 14 easy tricks you can play with the google to get some refreshment. so read the below 14 funny tricks.

1).ZERG RUSH: Type "zerg rush" in google search bar, Now wait and see on your computer screen what are going, so watch carefully:)D

2).Do a barrel roll: Type in google search bar "Do A barrel roll" click on i'm feeling lucky And enjoy do a barrel roll.

3):Google Gravity trick:Most amazing trick on google just type "Google gravity trick " and click on first result or simply click on this link and see just like this given below in the picture. you can move these with your mouse courser.

4) Google's Les paul Guitar: Google introduced an awesome online guitar in the 96th Birthday of Les paul. This was a huge hit in the internet. You can play the guitar with your mouse cursor or keypad. You can also record it as well. To play the guitar please go to this link

:5) Askew: Go to Google.com and type Askew. Looks awkward right.....?

6).Google loco: Type in search bar "google loco" and click on
i'm feeling lucky, this will make google tab dancing.

7).Google Gothic:Type in google search bar gothic  you will see

a burning google tab.

8).Google pacman:By typing in google search bar "google pacman" you will find a pacman game on the google tab.

9).Google Sphere: This will make all the words on the Google homepage move is a circulatory motion.

10).Annoying google:This will convert all the alphabits in the upper case and lower case randomly.

11).Epic google:Typing "epic google" and clicking on i'm feeling lucky, all the text will start increasing and will move out of  your pc screen.

12).Google hacker:If you want to know how google will look if

google got hacked then just type "google hacker" and click i'm feeling lucky.

13).Google rainbow:Type "Google rainbow" and click on i'm

feeling lucky, this will make rainbow affection on all the pages

of google and it will be so difficult to read the text.

14).Google Reverse:Just type Google reverse and click on i'm

feeling lucky it will take you to a new google where every thing
is in a reverse oder of the google Homepage

please must share it with your  friends if you like these.

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