How to access slow websites fast

slow net

Sometimes you seen when you want to acces a website but due to some causes it takes too long time to be load.
It probably come to face when you want to visit university or collage website while you need to download a form or to view your result at that time their are many people accessing this website and many are online at a time so it loading very slowly.(As few days ago i faced it himself when i need to check the result for my friend but due to many student was trying to access the web so the website was down and it was loading slowly)
or may be their are any other problem which made the site loading too slow.(i.e slow connection learn how to boost your internet speed)

if you facing this problem visiting any website then you are in the right place because today in this post their is a simple trick for you so using this trick you will be able to access a slow website fastly.

here's how to load a slow website fastly?
So you have to just add "" after the domain name.
let you want to acces to my blog then you have to type it as "" so you will access it fastly.isn't this so simple?

fast internet

Why and what is this?
if you have a question then let we tell you that this is a free service provided by Coral CDN(a free content delivery network). It uses peer-to-peer technology to load website in your pc, which results in even faster website. It is a network of proxies and name servers through which content is distributed to you at faster speed.

This was a simple trick i know about, if you have a good one idea that we don't then feel free to share it with us leaving comment below.

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