How To Change Background Music Of A Video Using QQ-player

Dear friends! once again our new post is related to the features of the
media players and again we will use QQ-player. Let have a look to his other features
Using QQ-player you can change the background audio music of any
song/video and can use your own/favorite song with this easy trick,
that i am showing in this post.

Let's how? Follow the following instructions, you will be able to merge
your desire video and audio.

STEP-1: As expected. first launch QQ-player.
STEP-2: Play your video you want to change his background music.
STEP-3: Now click on toolbox present at the right bottom (As given in
below picture).


STEP-4:A new little toolbox will pop up here. click on "join" tool.
STEP-5: After clicking on join tool a new window(named as Audio and
video merge) will pop up on your screen. So you want to change the
background music of the selected video so make "tick" sign on "Replace
the background music" by clicking on it. So now browse your audio that
you want.
Now by clicking on START, your merging will be in process, So wait for a

qq-player tricks

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