How to check whether your link is safe or not

Sometimes you have a link that you want to visit, but ever you thaout
about any link. Is it safe? especially the short links that your friends
gives to visit. But think that if it unsafe then it will be harm for

It will so harm for you if the link (you received and you have to visit)
contain virus,malware,trojan or these type of many other programs which
install automatically in your pc, harm it and steal your data .

So you do you want to visit this link?
No no any body want to visit.
But here is the question that how to check it out?

But don't worry it is not any problem because there are so many online
tools available,where you can check out your link freely, i am very glad
and happy to see some online tools and share it with others, (i am a
lover of online tools thats why there in my blog online tools got its
own place we will fully focused and try to alarm you about these all in
future). If you don't know then let we discuss it in this tutorial.

So you can scan your link with the below websites,

The first one that is to use for your link.
Visit this site and enter your link address and click on scan, after
completing the scaning it will give you result, as it is given in the
below picture for

But still you are not satisfied for the link?
ok check it out here with zulu URL risk analyzer, so visit
Enter your URL for inspection, click on submit url and wait for a moment
it will check your url and give you the will scan the website
and give it a score from 0 to 100, where 0 means completely safe and 100
means completely harmful. This website scans all the elements and tells
whether they are Benign, Suspicious or Malicious. Though this service is
helpful in advance through scanning, it has also reported false positive
on safe site.

Now have a look to out third option To check whether your url is safe or so visit this site and click on Scan
it button.

Now wait for a while it will give you the result whether your
entered url contains malware, viruses etc or not.

So that's it.
If any problem then just leave a comment!

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