How to find serial key for any software

finding serial key

Sometimes you have downloaded a software file from torrent or any where but you need a serial key for it to make it geniune so you need to purchase it.
But you can get/find product key for any software free and easy, if you don't know and want to learn how to find the serial key for a software then just keep reading, in this post we are showing two methods to find a serial key for a first method we are using google search and in the second method their are some online  tools which will help you to find the product key for a software so move to our first method.

1.Using google search to find serial key for a software:

The first method for finding a serial key is to use google search you have to search on google(google is also involved in creating many tricks let have to google funny and impressive tricks). But what you have to search?
So need to search for "full software name+94fbr". for example if i want to find the serial key for adobe photoshop 7.0 then i will write in google search bar "photoshop 94fbr" so clicking on search google will give you results, click on the first result and here will be your required product key, these keys you found are working, may be sometimes you got wrong key but most of them are working so you can check it yourself.

2.Websites for finding serial key for a software:

websites for serial key

There i am going to tell you some online tools in which you can find serial key for any software easily. You have just to type your software full name  in the bar.
So let have a look to these online tools/websites:

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