Useful keyboard shortcuts for chrome

chrome shortcuts

As an internet users we are using browsers to serve on internet, and using keyboard shortcuts can 
make your capicity fast and save your time.SO if you want ot know about these useful shortcut
keys then today in this post we are showing them so read it carefully and try to use them too.
There are some most important shortcut keys for google chrome so let have a look to 
keyboard shortcuts for chrome:
  • To Open your home page=press Alt + Home
  • Forward a page=Alt + Right Arrow
  • Back a page=Backspace or Alt + Left Arrow
  • To Refresh current page, frame, or tab=press F5
  • Display the current website in full screen mode=F11
  • again exit this mode=press F11 again
  • Stop page or download from loading=Esc
  • Zoom in our out of a page=Ctrl + (- or +)'-' for decreasing and'+' for increasing'
  • switch to last tab= press ctrl+9.
  • Quickly completing an address= press ctrl+enter(let you typed wwtricks.blogspot then press ctrl+enter here)
  • Open the Clear Data window to quickly clear private data= Ctrl + Shift + Del
  • Adding a bookmark for the page you currently opened:press Ctrl + D
  • want to Open the Bookmark manager:press Ctrl + Shift + O
  • Display the download window: By pressing Ctrl + J
  • Open New browser window: press Ctrl + N
  • Open a new window in incognito mode:Ctrl + Shift + N
  • Print current page or frame By pressing ctrl+p
  • Open new tab By pressing ctrl+T
  • Close the currently selected tab: press Ctrl + F4 or Ctrl + W
  • you can Undo the close of a window: By pressing Ctrl + Shift + T
  • To Display all previous text entered in a text box and available options on a drop down menu: Alt + Down arrow
So these were some important shortcuts for chrome users that you need for the best experience, 
there are also more but i think those are not more important or we are not using them. Still if 
something missing and you want to use then you can leave a comment.
Also share it with your friends if you think it will useful for your friends.


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