8 awesome Facebook tricks and tips

Facebook is a social media network which is also full of tricks, there are
a lot of tricks that every one talking about.So keeping this in mind we are
here to share with you some interesting and cool facebook tricks.There are 8
tricks in this post we are showing, you may also know about it but if you
don't know then you can enjoy it and these are just for you.
So let have a look to some cool funny facebook tricks.

1.Update your status Blank on facebook:

You want to update your status with
a blank post? yes then just copy the below code and paste it into the
facebook status box .@[0:0:]

2.Post/update your facebook status in a blue color:

You can post in a blue color, just copy the below code and paste it in your facebook status
box.@@[0:[0:1Enter your status here]]
Change the colored text with your own words you want to post and enjoy the
facbook trick.

3.Schedule your facebook messages:

Sendible.com is a website/online tool,using this you can schedule messages on facebook, that will send in thefuture you scheduled.Let one of your friend's birthday will tomorrow but if you
think you will not able to wish you tomorrow so  schedule the
message using sendible so that he will receive it tomorrow. In sendible you have to create
your free trail account for 30 days, so go to sendible.com and start now.

4.How to hide advertisements on facebook:

Their are many ads that are on
your facebook homepage so you want to get rid of them, you can do it very 
easily because an online tool(userscript) is their to help to hide some of
facebook advertisements so go on userscript and install the script.

5.Facebook smileys:

Their are many smileys that you can use in facebook
chat or in comment box some of these are as given below
.1. [[opera]]
2. [[facebook]]
3. [[firefox]]
4. [[yahoo]]
5. [[google]]
6. [[*googlechrome]]
7. [[f9.like]]
8. [[f9.dislike]]
9. [[f9.heart]]
10. [[f9.smile]]
their are also more smileys in our previous post so let have a look the them Facebook smilyes

6.Update status upside down on your facebook wall:

Fliptext is a site where you can make your text upside down and make some good looking fun.So type
your text and then copy and past the flip text into your facebook status box.

7.Facebook chat on your desktop:

Using this you do not need to open your browser and then go to facebook for chat, because facebook chat box will be on your desktop. using these two apps you will have an option of facebook
chat on your desktop. so check Gabtastik and digsby

8.Create a photo collage of your facebook friends:

If you love to edit photos and make some fun then this facebook application is just for you so
click here To get it now.

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