How To Create An Undeleteable And Unrenameable Folder In PC

Do you know you can also create a folder in your pc that will be undelete-able for everyone?
If you don't know then their in this post we are showing you to make a folder that will undeleteable.I mean you can't delete it, (you can delete it but not as you deleting other folders).

Let's how we can create a folder that undelete-able?

Before we go to the process to  create an undeleteable folder remember these things...
  • We will use command prompt to create undeleteable and renameable folder in pc.
  • We can only create the folder with name "con,aux,lpt1.lpt2...lpt9".
  • As we can't create folders with these names by right clicking and "new folder" but if we create these(using cmd) then it will not destroyable using the default method.
  • You can not create the folder in C:/ drive.
  • We will use these syntax Md aux\ [md mean make directory] And Rd aux\[Remove directory]
To make a folder undeleteable just follow the below steps.
1.)Fist of all Go to start->Run or press windows key+R and type in run 'cmd'.
2.)Command prompt window will pop-up.
3.)Now type in cmd D: or E: (if you want to make folder in D then type D:) and hit enter.
4.)Now type md aux\ and hit enter.(you can also type con,lpt1 to lpt9)
See the below picture how i typed.

cmd-creating undeleteable folder

5.)Now you created a folder named "aux" in D drive which is undelete-able.
You can make a try to delete it or tell your friends to delete it, when you click on delete folder a window will pop up like this.

undeleteable folder

How to delete undeleteable folder?:

Now if you want to delete this folder then you again open command prompt and type D: or E: and hit enter.
Then type Rd aux\ and hit enter.

cmd-deletiing undeletable folder
Thats it...Now check the folder, deleted!


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