How to access hidden themes in windows 7 and how to apply them

Do you know there are in windows 7 some hidden themes that you don't know about, if you still don't know then there we are going to tell you and may be you like those hidden windows 7 themes.
if you want to make access to windows 7 hidden themes then go on this path so you will find some more themes that are hidden from you.
After going on this path you will see 5 sub folders named MCT-AU, MCT-CA, MCT-GB, MCT-US and MCT-ZA, representing Australia, Canada, UK, US and South Africa respectively.

Check one by one so you will find some cool themes.
If you can't find these then please make sure that you have enabled to "show hidden files & folders" If not then enable it now.
To enable it Click on Start and then 'Windows Explorer' Then click on organize and select 'folder and search options'.
Now here switch to 'view' tab, then in the new window make a  Check mark on "Show hidden files" and uncheck mark on "hide protected operating system files(recommended)"
showing hidden fildes in windows
Now you will see the hidden themes of windows 7.
Double click on tumbnail to add it to "My themes".So you can now apply these themes.

hidden themes in windows 7

Why these themes are hidden in windows 7:

You may be a question that why windows 7 keep these themes hidden  from us so the answers is that i think because during installation of  windows 7, you selected your country so windows 7 give you data specific to your country for example if  you selected your country as "United States" So it will  give you only the themes and wallpapers that are related to 'US' But you can  also use the other countries themes if you want as we discussed earlier.
I hope you like these hidden themes of windows 7 and this post.
Still if any problem then leave a comment.

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