How To Find And Remove Unwanted Apps From Your Facebook Profile

As a facebook user, i can say you will be using many of the facebook applications,games. But some of these apps may annoying you so if  you want to find these apps and then remove these apps then here is the step by step guide which is specially written for removing these unwanted applications.

Some times we are using an app on facebook, and we allow them to share something on our behalf, After some time we stop using these apps but still they are sending annoying requests and messages to our friends, so it is a good think if you remove these types of unwanted apps from your facebook profile.

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In order to remove unwanted apps from your facbook profile Follow the instructions given below.

Steps to find and remove annoying apps from facebook profile:

Step-1: First of all you have to login to your facebook account and  then go to your facebook applications page,Click on this LINK

Step-2: This link will be redirect you to your facebook apps page where you can see all of the apps you usedusing on the profile you're logged-in.
Facebook Apps Page - How to Remove app from facebook profile

Step-3: Now you've to delete/remove all of the apps that you're not using and you don't need it. So to Remove these unwanted apps from your facebook profile hover mouse cursor on an app and click on "Remove"(Cross) button.

Step-4: After clicking on it a new confirmation box will pop-up "Remove App" so click on Remove button.
Confirmation box - Steps for Removing unwanted apps from your facebook profile

Step-5: The app you selected is removed now. Just like that you can remove other unwanted apps one by one.
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Tip: In order if you don't want to remove the app from your profile but want to prevent the app from sending requests or messages to your friends then you need  to change the privacy of the app. To change the app privacy on facebook click on 'Edit and select 'Only Me' From the drop down menu of "Visibility of app"'.
Steps for Changing the privacy for an app on facebook

Bottom Lines: So friends this was a tip for finding and removing annoying/unwanted apps from your facebook profile, i hope this will help you also don;t forget to share this post with your friends.

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