Best Features Of Android 4.4 KitKat You Must Need To Know About

Just a few days ago google announced the new operating system that is 4.4 kitkat with Google’s new mobile phone device “Nexus 5”. There are many improvements in this new OS that make it a perfect OS of current living time.

One thing I mostly like in android 4.4 Kitkat is it is not only compatible with a high-end (expensive) devices but this will also work just fine on low-end devices having a little amount of RAM. Android 4.4 kitkat should be turn on the devices having a 512mb RAM and will be a better multitasking abilities.

Here in this post we’re going to discuss what’s new In Android 4.4 kitkat so let have a look to these  features we short-listed below.

Android 4.4 KitKat Features:

OK Google - Search with your voice Quickly: 

Now google listening you every time, Google added the feature in its Android 4.4 ‘Kitkat’ Now you neither need to launch any app nor tap any button for searching but make a voice search including the phrase “OK GOOGLE” at the start of the command even if you’re on the homescreen. It will surely give you response, This feature was introduces for the first time in google glass and was voice-activated by “OK Glass”

Immersion Mode - Applications in Full Screen:

 Now you will see the applications in full screen mode whenever you open it, Notification bar at the top and the menu bar basically present at the bottom will be disappear now. This feature will be useful if you are reading a book, watching a movie or playing a game etc on your mobile,
The notification bar and menu bar can be bring back once again by dragging your finger to upper or down respectively.

Compatible For Lower-end Phones:

 Google makes this Android 4.4 kitkat to be supported by even lower-end devices,

New Dialer - Smart Caller ID:

 Whenever you received a call from an unknown number in a phone with android 4.4 kitkat, the system starts an automatic search and will try to associate it with the local listing of businesses restaurant or a shop if exists using google maps. In addition, you can search for nearly places, businesses, people etc, just type the shop name to make a call to its phone number

Future Calling: 

The new app in the android 4.4 kitkat is future calling which prioritizing your contacts on the bases of to whom you talk mostly.

Hangouts messaging got improvements:

 There are also some improvements in unified messaging app, All of your SMS, MMS, conversations or hangouts will be stored in a same app, Additionally it also allows you to send GIF’s and your location.

Support Cloud Printing – Print anything everywhere:

 Now users having Android 4.4 kitkat, can print photos, a webpage or any other document if connected to google print cloud, through any printer which have apps in google play store.

Screen Recording Utility: 

Android 4.4 Kitkat comes with a screen recording utility that can be used to record your phone actions, and captured video will be stored in as Mp4 format. This will help developers, reviewers, technical writers, to create tutorials for apps, testing materials, etc.
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Additional Features OF Android 4.4:

 Not only above are the features in this new OS, below we shortlisted some others we know about.
Better accessibility options: Apps that offers videos, can now access to captioning setting and can adjust the display of the caption as user preference.

Enhanced Support For Connectivity Options: It has support for MAP (Message Access Profile) enabling Bluetooth-enabled cars to exchange messages with Android devices.

Android 4.4 kitkat supports a new platform for IR blaster and an API system which will be useful for applications developers,

Step detector and Step counter: A built in app which will count your steps while you’re walking.
More efficient: Touch Screen response fast.

Low-power audio playback: Having ability up-to 6 hours of audio playback.
View wallpapers in a full screen with preview.
Chrome webview: Support HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

Redesigned Quick Office: Use quick office to edit documents, presentations and spreadsheets from your device.
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So above we mentioned some best feauters of the newly announced OS Android 4.4 kitkat if you know any additional feature then Don't forget to leave your valuable comment with it and also write down which  feature you like in this new OS.

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