The Importance Of Private Browsing

When people think of the importance of private browsing, they think of the many bad things you can do with it. After all, private browsing is something you do if you have something to hide, and that something is often of a malicious and even criminal nature. It is not always like that, as there are security reasons why you may want to browse in private. Here are a few reasons why you may find private browsing important i.e why you may want to do it.
The importance of private browsing

In one of our recent post we discussed how to activate private browsing mode inyour browser, If you ask why a man should activate private browsing mode then below are the reasons for activating private browsing mode in browser.

Is your partner a computer whiz?

If that is the case, then hiding your browsing from him or her is going to be difficult. This is especially true if he or she monitors your browsing because of fears you are going to cheat on him or her. If you do want to cheat on him or her and are planning to do a bit of communicating online, then private browsing will help you keep your sessions private.

It may also be used if you are gift shopping. The best one is if you are shopping for an engagement ring. If you want to ensure that your partner knows nothing about it, then private browsing is going to help.

You can log into things on other peoples computers

 Again, if you are looking for content that is restricted by law, then you are hardly likely to do it on your own computer as you may get caught. A nice little trick is to look for it on another person’s computer. That way, if the surfing is somehow traced, then it is traced to their computer and not yours. If you want to hide the fact that you did this from your victim, then private browsing is what you need.

You can log into less morally repressible sites and use private browsing. For example, you may wish to log into an email account or social media account. If the person has a password saved on the computer to start with, then you can avoid messing up their system by using private browsing. You can also hide the fact that you ever went on any of those sites, and it may also help you to avoid any spyware that may be present on their computer. This is especially helpful if you are using a public computer that a hacker may have manually installed spyware onto. 

Have and manage a lot of Google Apps Accounts

If you have more than one account then it can be difficult having to log out and then delete your browsing history before logging back in again. The cookies and saved data make it awkward. The same is true of eBay if you have more than one site. The name of the other account may appear, even if you have just logged in with your account.

You can use private browsing to manage each of your Google app accounts and not have to worry about the complications. You can do it simply by opening links in the Google Chrome incognito mode. It means that instead of deleting all of your Internet history, cookies, temp files, etc, you can just close down your incognito window and open a fresh one to log in to your next account.

 You can test and debug websites

Testing a website when cookies are involved is a difficult matter. This is especially true if you cannot tell when the cookie is working and when it is not. Testing under different conditions sometimes means browsing in private. If anything, you can use the private browsing as your standard test (sort of getting a level of your website in a cookie less environment).

 Avoid Autofill on Public Computers

 This is one on those dumb reasons that you will read in other online articles, so it may as well be mentioned. When you sign into some websites and some comment sections, it will add information to its auto fill history. This usually saves things such as your username so that you can log in more easily next time. It may also save your account password too, although you do often have to indicate that you want it to save your password. With private browsing you can make sure that none of this information is saved.

Stop getting in trouble at work

Your work may allow for a little bit of personal Internet use during working hours. If your records show that you never use the Internet but they catch you on it, then they are going to know you are cheating the system somehow. All you need to do is a little bit of personal Internet browsing now and again, and then the rest of it you do with private browsing. That way it looks like you hardly use the Internet at all, whereas you are actually using it quite a bit.

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