5+ Best Smartphone Learning Apps For Students

Gone are the days when kids used to share their notes and assignments using notebooks and paper sheets. The time has been arrived when the note exchanges will take place via Instagram, Twitter and other lucrative apps.
smartphone apps for students

The gadgets can be the new partners for the kids that can eliminate the traditional and boring studying pattern. These devices can be either smartphones or tablets that can allow the kids to improve their studying routine and can acquire high performance. There is a plethora of apps that can be downloaded easily and it has been used across the world by a plethora of kids.

Smart apps assisting students:


The user needs not to be an expert in order to praise the feature of this app. It is highly compatible with Blackberry, iPhone, Android and many more operating systems. Dictionary.com is simply a dictionary with the thesaurus that aids in providing an access to over 2 million of words. It has been awarded as a top iPad app among U.S. College students. The best thing about this app is that it does not need any kind of internet access, once the app is downloaded. It also means that entire thesaurus and dictionary can be availed offline.
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QuickVoice Recorder:

This is an app that can be employed especially when the kids is unable to pay attention to long lectures. Once the recording is finished, the user can e-mail the recording, set the voice reminder that will intimate at the selected date and time. The leverage offered by this app is that it can change into multi-tasking while QuickVoice Recorder is keeping track of background.
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DropBox Mobile:

Using this app, you can simply save yourself from the tiring process of file transfer from device to device. The user can simply download the best cloud and sync the app. The mobile version allows the user to keep all the files and folders at one place so that they can be accessed very easily. The user can also use the pictures captured by the phone for reports and other slideshows without using any email. The initial users can get the 2GB of storage space for free of cost, but 500 MB is extendable. Now, the app can be availed also for Windows Phone users along with iOS, Android and Blackberry devices.

Google Goggles:

As a part of mobile search app collection, Google offers this funky app that employs the image-recognition technology in order to return appropriate search results. Capture any picture of a popular landmark and the app will allow you to know for what you are looking for. The user can also scan the barcodes in order to get the information for the product. Additionally, the user can add the contacts by clicking the pictures. The foreign languages can also be translated, thus, a student can easily learn other languages apart from native language. You might be goofing off the classes, but this also serves the best option for solving the Sudoku puzzles

Quick Office Pro: 

Those who are looking forward for the document editor; this is the best app to which no app can beat. It offers a great alternative for editing the Microsoft Office documents while the user is tackling Powerpoint, Words and Excel. The app can simply access the files from Dropbox very easily and put them back, once the editing is finished. This is the most premium app that can cost for $14.99 and $19.99 for iPhone and iPad respectively. There is also a Android version as well that can be availed at $14.99.


This is a favorite app among all 5 amazing summer apps. The student need not to stuff their e-mail with imperative videos and articles that needs to be used for later use. The user can sync, save and view them using any connected devices such that the series of all the new articles to be read can be at your fingertips. The app will be compatible with Android and iOS devices.
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So dear readers, above we shared the list of best smartphone apps that are useful for students, they are highly recommended for you to use in order to increase your knowledge. if you liked the list then also share it with others!

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