How to embed YouTube Videos in Powerpoint presentations

Power Point regular users must have tried the tools for adding YouTube embed code within PowerPoint 2013 slide which has been disappeared. So, it is a bit of daunting task to grab the code; click Insert – Video – Online Video and paste it. The reason behind this is a bit mysterious, but the real trouble started when Google updated YouTube API from version 2.0 to 3.0, and it turned out to be the worst only when Google and Microsoft had disagreement publically. No matter, whatever is the cause, the tool stopped working within Power Point and as per the latest updates; it has been eliminated.
Embed youtube videos in powerpoint presentations

Stream YouTube Videos without internet:

There was a solo problem with the above approach is streaming live YouTube videos needs internet connection to playback the video during the slideshows. In case, you are planning to deliver a lecture within a classroom where there is no internet connectivity, you can acquire the following listed approach:
Get started with downloading the YouTube video to the computer either in AVI format or Windows Media. The reason behind is that PowerPoint do not understand the MP4 and FLV formats of YouTube. Once, the video is saved as WMV or AVI file, jump to PowerPoint and opt “Insert” followed by Movie and then “Movie from file” to keep the YouTube video in the slide being used.
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Convert and downlaod youtube videos without any software

Entrench YouTube videos to PowerPoint:

 This option is highly recommended, in the case, if you are sure that presentation venue is having the Internet connectivity. Download and install YouTube Wizard plug-in and it will eventually add the fresh “Insert YouTube Video” to your PowerPoint Toolbar. The iPhone Mobile Application Development platform can be employed for embedding such videos.
Entrench YouTube videos to PowerPoint

You just need to input the URL of a particular video and need to follows the wizard in order to fix the YouTube Video Player in the contemporary PowerPoint slide. The user can also resize and affix the video player in a way other objects are done.

Avail Videos form Google Docs to PowerPoint:

 Just assume a different case; you have spent a lot of efforts to prepare and elaborating the presentation within Google Docs along with YouTube clips, but do you know; how to import all these in PowerPoint? In such a situation, just pin that Google docs offers “Export as PPT” option and the basic problem within this format was that it transforms all the embedded Youtube clips to still images; which is usually not required. There is also a very facile workaround – simply get the Google Docs presentation published as HTML slideshow and inserts it just like web page of PowerPoint.
Avail Videos form Google Docs to PowerPoint

Embed Hyperlink to Video (Windows and Mac):

Just, copy and paste the video hyperlink to your presentation and craft a text or image link. Tapping on the link within the Slide Show will customize the default browser of the computer and will open the page with video. In case, you are using iPhone for doing so, you can simply hire iOS App Developer.
There may be some pros and cons to this process. The pros include; it is very facile and works with almost all the situations and every version of Powerpoint. The Cons includes; the user needs the internet connection for the presentation. Thus, it also requires waiting process of browser page and video for loading. You must also load the page before getting started with the presentation.
Embed Hyperlink to Video (Windows and Mac)

Employ third-party plug-in to embed videos:

This option will do only with PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 and that for PC only. The user just needs to install the plug-in that can be allowed to paste within a video URL within PowerPoint to engrave within a slide. The best part about this option is that once you done with the installation; it will serve the easiest way for embedding videos to old PowerPoint versions. There is also a limitation that the user needs internet connectivity; the user has to take time in order to set-up the plug-in.

Tailor and embed your own video:

If, you have created the video and own the file, then simply proceed with inserting the file to PowerPoint.
For Mac users: Insert Menu and follow it by Movie and “Movie from file”
For PC users: Input Tab and proceed with Videos and Video from file.
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So dear readers. above we mentioned few different ways to embed youtube videos to the powerpoint presentations, I hope you liked the post and was helpful for you!

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