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Of course, I can say that it is your duty to find the safest and secure cloud storage when it comes to selecting and using the cloud storage service for your important files. If you look for cloud storage services, you will find bundles of services but who know all of these are secure or not? It may possible that someone may get access to your files.

So keeping these points in mind, I decided to find and discuss some best cloud storage services that are more secure for your files as compared to few others. Secure Cloud storage providers that we’re talking about are even don’t know about the password of your encrypted files, so how any other person may know about your data & password? They give you full control to secure your data i.e they even don’t know how many and what types of files you’ve uploaded to your cloud profile.

In addition, I would like to say one thing using secure cloud storage is that it will be a bit expensive than the others because of giving you more control and securing your privacy. But you don’t worry because still there will be free plan available (listed below) for you in case you’ve only few files to kept in your cloud storage profile. In case you’ve more files to be kept then you will obviously, need to buy more space. You’ve to get 50 GB of Free cloud space in case of Mega and it is 5 GB in case of wuala and Tresorit. I think 5GB space is enough for the important files to be secured. If you don’t want to buy and give coins then you’ve to differentiate the importance of your files and utilize the free space for your most important data.
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Most Secure Cloud Storage Providers you should try:

Well, here we are going to share the list of cloud storage services that what we are actually talking about from the top of this page. We'll be adding a short description in case of each so you will be easily differentiate between them and will be picking up the suitable for your work. So let have a look!
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Secure Cloud Storage - Waula:

Waula is the great and powerful tool if you look at its protection and encryption of your data you uploaded. It supports Different platforms including windows, Linux, Android and IOS. The encryption process of waula is that, it encrypts your data on your local device and then you’ve to upload the encrypted data to the cloud which ensures that nobody would have any idea that what type of data you’ve uploaded to your cloud storage.
According to Waula, no one would have ability to know your password except you. Even they claims that we also don’t know about your password, so it is need to be sure that you’ve to keep your password in mind. It means you will lost your uploaded data in case you lost your password. So be careful and keep it in your mind.And this is called its No-knowledge password policy.
Keeping security policies aside, there are also some other good-looking features of Waula i.e special sync folder on your computer, Back-up and versioning options, easy-to-manage your data with it etc. To download its application (with 5 GB of free space) visit Waula.

Mega - Cloud storage that protects your files:

If you’re looking for a provider that gives more importance to your data and keep it more secure than the others then I would like to suggest you this one. In addition, if you need more free space and don’t want to waste you money then this is the best one because it gives you space of 50 GB’s for free. If you want a pro account then you’ll have to buy from its year-based plan. The process of Mega is that after signing up for an account you’ll have to choose an account which can be changed later but not after you uploaded a single file to your profile. If we talk about its encryption process, it encrypts your files before uploading and decrypts after downloading. Visit Mega’swebsite to know more about its process, security and for creating an account.

Lock Your Files As Cloud Storage-using Tresorit:

One another could storage service that promises that we’ll be keeping your data secure and protected from everyone.  Tresorit gives more importance to your data and keep it secure. Tresorit features many of the security options that is Client-side encryption, you will have to encrypt your data locally. Safest data transfer and zero-knowledge password,
If you look at its efficiency, Tresorit make a folder secure, more efficiently, that’s how? you’ve nothing to do more than a right-click on a folder you want to protect and selecting “Tresor it”.
With the tresorit free account, you can get 5 GB of free space for your data to be kept in a completely locked cloud storage. And I think it is enough for the most important files. Also you can get 10 GB of data for free if you invite a friend to Tresorit cloud storage service.
Tresorit is supported by different platforms that is Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android. For getting tresorit application on one the above plateform, visit tresorit website.

SpiderOak - Private and secure cloud storage for business and home:

Yeah, SpiderOak is not lesser secure place for your important files.With Zero-knowledge policy you can save your files in your cloud storage profile 100% secure and private from everyone. while you're using SpiderOak, you don't worry where you are in the world and what device you have, you can get access to your files everywhere in the world. Not only that. with Backup, Sync & Sharing feature you will have no worry about your data to be lost. Keeping these security features aside, this is more efficient, flexible cloud storage. You also get 2 GB of free space for your important files. And i think a cloud-storage having these features make it perfect and highly secured cloud storage.

You can also look for JustCloud,in order to encrypt your data and file with the cloud services that protect your file more securely.

So that’s the end of our today’s collection. In our today’s post we shared some best free cloud storage provider’s list that keep your privacy and files more securely. I hope you liked this post and was helpful for you. Note that we are not affiliated with any of the above services in any way, we just compiled the list according to their promises and reading their FAQ’s etc. If you know about any of the other cloud storage service and you believe that they can keep our files more securely then please let us know about these in the comment box below. Also do NOT forget to share this post on your social profiles because it may help your friends to pick up the most secure cloud storage service for their files.

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