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There are lots of free websites that let you send free sms to any country of the world. Actually these websites are works as a web-app. A web application let you do something directly from your computer. I would like to take Free online PDF to Word or PDF to Excel conversion tools as an example that converts your pdf files to Microsoft word or Microsoft excel respectively. Using these tools you don’t need to install anything on your computer to do the conversion.
Web-apps come very handy in cases when you don’t have activated an sms package on your SIM and you need to send free sms to someone.  Also if you want to send sms regularly to any number then these websites are just build for you because they’re giving you opportunity to make a free account and send free text messages to the world.
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In one of our previous post we shared best websites to sendfree sms worldwide but in this post we’re sharing few internet freebies and websites that let you send free text sms to Pakistan. You just need internet connection and a web-browser to browse these website. You can create your own messages or can send messages from pre-made texts as these are available there.

Best Websites To Send Free Sms To Pakistan:

Well, so here we’re going to reveal the list of websites that let you send sms to Pakistan for free. Let me clear one thing before we start sharing the list, This is no problem with receiver's network you want to send free sms within Pakistan. You can send 100% Free sms to Telenor, Warid, Zong, Ufone or Jazz etc. Receiver will receive your message either he has ufone warid or any other SIM in his mobile phone.


Send92 is an easy and free to use website and web-app which can be used to send free sms to Pakistan from any country of the world. You can send free sms even if you are in USA, UAE, Canada Or in any other place of the world. The cause behind suggesting this one to you is that this service don’t require any registration to send text to Pak for free. One another good thing about this is that it uses a simple interface to send free sms to any network of Pakistan so you can also send sms directly from your mobile phone.


This is one another best and powerful website which let you send free sms to any network of Pakistan from any country of the world. You can send free sms up-to 422 Characters through this website. It is fast responsive and sms sender service. You just need to type your nick/name, select receiver code, enter number, type text, enter captcha code and click “Send sms” button and that’s it! The number you entered above will receive your message shortly.


One of the most secure, safest, fastest place to send free sms in an fruitful way to Pakistan is smscenter. Before you send sms free to Pakistan, you will need to create an account with smscenter. Once you created an account with this you will be able to send free sms to any network of Pakistan for free.


A great project by UrduPoint, I think UrduPoint will not be a new name for every internet user of Pakistan. Smsmarkaz is offered by UrduPoint and they are doing their job very well. I personally use this service to send free sms to Pakistan and also I suggest you this one to you to use. You will just love using smsmarkaz in order to send free sms. It has some secure, unique and impressive features. You can create a free account with smsmarkaz and can get started to send texts to Pakistan for free.
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I found ismsbing very useful website that let you send free sms to pakistan. After visiting this website, i just amazed of it because it features variety of sms relating to the seasons etc. You can browse sms and can send it to someone without registration. Also you can start writing your own message and can send it to someone in pakistan. The most amazing and useful part of this website is its character limitations, which are 1000. So it means that you can send a message having 1000 characters. So what are you waiting for? Believe me and bookmark that web-page and use it when you need. I personally using this one and suggest you to use... online sms sender

This is yet another great website which was suggested by one of our readers. i just checked it out and found it useful, so i decided to add it to our list of free sms senders to pakistan. it is worth to check because we found it accurate one.

So friends, in this post we’ve shared some best and free websites that let you send free sms to Pakistan from any country. E.g Free sms from Saudi Arabia, Free sms from uk, Canada or any other country.
Tip: I would like to give you a tip that use websites that need an account if you want to send free sms regularly because they’re more secure and flexible. As well as they promise that they will keep your privacy safe and private. Also websites without registration are down sometimes due to high load. So it is recommended to send a message to your own number to confirm that the message is send successfully.

That’s it, also please share this post with your friends and let they also enjoy sending text sms for free to Pakistan!!!

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