5+ Best Android Emulators For PC

Android Emulator for computer let us test an android application or game on our personal computer machine. On one side, emulators let developers to test their apps they are building on their pc, while on the other hand, It also make anyone else to either play android games on pc or run apps on their computer.

Now it is up to you, for what purpose you are searching for such a tool, may be you are developing an app for android or you just want to play and run apps on your computer in case you don't have your own android mobile phone. We'll be adding some best emulators that are available for download to be used on your computer.
Android Emulators For PC

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The Best Android Emulator For Windows PC/MAC:

Now let get back to our main topic and get started with our list of tools and emulators of android to let you download and install it on your computer and start using on your own computer. We will be trying to add a short description for each tool in order to let you easily pick op the one you're looking for.


I guess this is one of the most popular and most used emulator of android for windows. The fact and reason behind it popularity is its simple and easy to use interface because you know, a developer can use any other which is more complicated but still more probably, people are looking for such a tool that gives a simple and user-friendly interface. especially, if the man is just a computer user then they just love it while using this on.e I would suggest this one to download and try to use if you're looking for an android emulator which is not a complex one and you just want your work to be done with it whether you're testing your own app or to run/play android games on computer.

You Wave:

This is yet another best emulator enables you to test android apps and games on your computer pc. The tool work very well. Unlike the bluestacks,  this is not a free but is a paid emulator. A free trail of it can be downloaded and used but only for 10 days which is just for checking purposes. So you have to check if the tool did your word fine then you should look for its full version. I wouldn't like to suggest this one for the simple users to buy because they're just required to play games or run apps which can be done also through any other tool listed in this post. Unlike the bluestacks, this hasn't come with apps but you've to install google play to access the apps you want which can be done by clicking on "view menu", select Online content and click on the Google Play icon, then again you've to Click View menu, then select Apps, and click the Google Play app to download Google play.


GenyMotion, which was named as "Android VM" formerly but was upgraded to GenyMotion which is still called as its new name. GenyMotion is available for windows, Mac, Linux operating systems. It is a rich-featured product. It comes with two versions i.e Paid and Free. Obviously which is the sign of difference of features. The paid version is for developers because of inclusion of some features which is must-to-have for a developer. On the other hand I can say that the free version is good for any ordinary person who want to use for personal purpose.

Native Android Emulator

The Google android development kit has an emulator which you can use for your purpose. This is often used by the developers for testing their newly created apps but you can also use it for your casual purpose too. but here one draw back of this is that you will need to install the complete google's android development kit from which you will be able to access its emulator. I don't think it will be your choice but still we're giving you the download link for it in case you are interested in it.

The list is not gone to their end with this one, here are also some more I would like to suggest to use for your purpose. Here we go...
1. Windory
2. Android-x86

So above, it was a list of android emulators we provided to let you play and run android apps/games on your computer without having an android device. I hope you picked up one of them and was helpful for you. If so then please share this post on your social profiles and help us to spread our voice!

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