Zong 3G/4G Internet Packages Details In Pakistan

As you know that the 3G and 4G technology has been launched in Pakistan successfully and every network operator and company was excited to take the rights and the licence of the 3G and 4G in pakistan. In short, The Zong SIM gone ahead of all and took the licence for both of the 3G and 4G technology system in pakistan and very soon ZONG will issue its new 3G and 4G enabled SIM's so these sims will be available soon in the market.
zong 3G 4G packages

Auctioning for 3G & 4G In Pakistan:

Personally,I think I heard the news in the mid or start of february 2014 that the those technology systems will be launched soon in Pakistan, I got the information through one of my favourite radio channel as well as I saw lots of updates and statuses on my facebook timeline. I read that the Auction for the 3G and 4G will be held in the month of April which meant we've still to wait for about 2 months. and there were lots of expectations from all of the companies works in pakistan i.e Telenor, Mobilink, Ufone, Zong etc. Finally, the auction held on 23rd April of 2014 and Zong was on the top of the all.
So, that scenario was just amazing, i.e Now we and the people are expecting some affordable prices and packages of 3G & 4G  from the Zong as well as of 3G from others....
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ZONG 3G and 4G internet Packages

So, if you're one of those who are looking to know about the 3G and 4G internet packages details of zong in pakistan then you're arrived just in the right place because here in this post we'll be briefly talking about the details of 3G and 4G internet packages for Zong. But as the packages are not officially announced yet by the company, so we can't say anything about the packages for 3G in zong but we promise that we will update this page with details of all Zong 3G packages as well as 4G internet packages for zong once we got the confirmed details about it. Just visit this page later or connect with me on Facebook, Google+ so I will update you as the Zong announces the packages details and as soon as possible!!!

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