5 Best Torrent Apps For Android

Android operating system has empowered the users with an access to the files stored on the PC. The advancement in technology has made the job super easy. The best part is that most of the apps have a Wi-Fi option which means power consumption is not much. Some are ads-free too. These can be managed easily with some great functions such as partial download, control download/upload speed, pause and resume download and many more.

Here what if you’ve an android mobile phone and are looking for some best torrent downloader apps for that then you’re arrived just in the right place because here in this post, we’ll be sharing the list of best and free torrent downloaders for android.
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Here is a list of 5 apps that can be employed for downloading torrent files. We’ll be adding a short description for each of the app below which will describe their features and functions in order to let you choose and pick the suitable for your phone. So take a gander

Top & Best Torrent Downloader apps for Android

BitTorrent ~ Android's Popular Torrent App

The app allows searching and downloading torrents apps on to the phone and tablets. It has a clean design. It is developed by BItTorrent Inc.
Key features:
No size or speed limit
Wi-fi mode available
Easy content search and discovery
Subscribe to RSS feeds
Pause and resume features to manage downloads
Exclusive content from featured artistes
Fast and free downloads
Download more than one app at one time
Quick updates on latest in core technology
Allows downloading torrents and magnet links
Media player included

Vuze ~ One of the Best torrent Apps For Android

Vuze is simple yet powerful and fast app to employ for downloading torrents. It offers ad-free experience to the user to complete torrent management to smartphone or tablet.
vuze torrent app for android

Easy built-in torrent search
Wi-fi only mode
Simple interface
Alerts on task completion with notifications
Auto-start on device reboot
Control torrent downloads
Manage torrent downloads/upload speed
Swype between tabs
Requires android 2.3 and up

Flud ~ The Best Torrent Downloader for Android

Flud is a fairly new app. it has a simple design. The developers claim that it gives power of Bittorrent in the
flud torrent app for android

Key features
State which file to download
Select which files to download
No speed limit on downloads/uploads
Move files while downloading
Torrent support with a large number of files
Identify magnet links from the browser
Magnet link support
Opt for Wi-Fi only download
Change theme (dark, light, light with dark action bar)
Modern UI
Tablet optimized UI
Encryption support
Free app
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aTorrent ~ Download Torrent Files on Android

aTorrent is a lightweight app with lots of features and an  amazing UI. it is ad-supported but the user can ask for a key to disable it.
aTorrent torrent downloader for android

Torrent search dialog
Add torrent from file
Open torrents from browser
Select download folder
Several parallel downloading
Magnet links support
Partial download (select files from torrent)
Limit downloads by Wi-Fi
Pause downloads when power supply is disconnected
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tTorrent Lite – Torrent Client

 It is developed by Tagsoft and is the best torrent downloader. It incorporates advanced technologies like sock 5 proxy or proxies. With it, you can download free software programs, movies, music albums, free MP3 files and others to phone or tablet.
itorrent torrent apps for android

Download many torrents simultaneously
Torrent search
Two modes – Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi or Wimax only
Encrypt web traffic
Magnet link support
IP filtering support
Integrate with your favorite browser
Editable tracker list for torrents
Limit download/upload speed
Trackerless torrent support
Supports IP filtering
Web interface
Supports Http
Discover local peers
Download Here
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Android mobile app development has enabled your smartphones to accomplish the tasks done by PC hitherto.

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