5 Best Free DjVu to PDF Online Conversion Tools

Online free converters tools are used to convert files from one format to other format in which the users are interested. These may be video conversion tools online, documents conversions online and other subcategories belongs to both of those above. Online pdf conversion tools are very common and most attract-able among them. Online PDF conversion tools contains pdf to xls, pdf to word, online jpg to pdf's and other documents file formats. If you've got a file with a format which is not in the format which is use-able for you or you're required to convert it to any other format in order to work on it, you can make use of these online OCR's pdf conversion tools to get the current file in the desired format. So after conversion, you can use it further as you need.

In this post we are going to provide you the list of best and free online DjVu to pdf conversion tools. But before we straight go for the tools, I would like to make the questions clear for those who came just by chance or those who came on this page in order to know what is DjVu file and how to convert it etc.
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What is DjVu File format?

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If you're not a computer geek, or if you didn't faced this type of files before, the possibility is clear that you may not know anything about DjVu file. But here I'll try to describe it within few words for you. The DjVu file format is an alternative to PDF which is optimized for scanned documents containing the both text and images. It was developed in order to reduce the pdf file and make it smaller in order to make it easily use on the web because it has smaller size as compared to pdf file. In real the format does the work and used on the web. This is an open file format so it can be used free-of-charge on both of the open source and proprietary software. DjVu file format uses the high compression technologies which makes its file size better than the JPEG and Tiff.. This can be equipped with the text-layer to make it searchable which behaves just similar the the searchable pdf documents.

Why You Should Convert DjVu File To PDF?

 After knowing about the DjVu file format, as it is has some features that are really useful in order to use it on the web (either sending it through email or uploading to website) but sometimes you might want the pdf file format due to few reason. The reason may be a different for you but as of my thinking, you should go for converting a DjVu to pdf because of:
  • You've got a file with the particular extension but don't have a DjVu reader installed on your computer to open it.
  • You want to open it on your mobile phone but you've only pdf reader installed on your smartphone mobile device.
  • You want to send the file to someone through email since it’s a good sign for you because of smaller size but since the receiver hasn't a DjVu reader to read it so you can either convert it yourself of suggest him to convert the received file to pdf from DjVu to make it view-able.
  • You don't have a DjVu reader or DjVu Viewer and got a message that "Windows (or other) can't open that file" see the below screenshot...
    DjVu can't open error
  • You may have any other reason. If you've any then don't forget to tell us by leaving a comment below.

How to convert DjVu File To PDF file:

For converting of a DjVu file to the pdf file, you can also use the desktop software but here in this post we will be using the free online tools and web-apps to convert our documents having .djvu extension to the file having .pdf extension. The process is easy as 1.2.3... I mean a non-geeky person or even child can also do that online because online tools don't asks you either to register or to install anything on your web-browser on computer. We will be showing you the process of converting DjVu to pdf online in case of each tool listed below. So read it carefully and start converting your documents online.

Can I Convert DjVu To PDF On Mac, Linux

Online tools and web-apps can be used on any operating system because OS doesn't matter in conversion using online OCR's because it converts your DjVu Files to PDF on your web-browser. So the answer is that you can convert .DjVu to .pdf on Mac without software or you can convert DjVu file format to pdf file format on Linux, windows etc

5 Best Free Online DjVu to PDF Conversion Tools

djvu to pdf online
Now let get started with the tools that let you convert your DjVu file to PDF online for free. We're going to shortlist those which we find the more reliable, faster and work-able as compare to the others,we researched. So let have a look...

Go4Convert - to convert DjVu to PDF onione

go4convert djvu pdf convert online
My research found this too a faster conversion and easy to use pdf conversion tool. This tool can also be used for other document conversions, i.e you can convert pdf file to word, or convert .pdf file to .xls online for free without email, but here in this post, we will be using it as a DjVu to pdf conversion tool. The process is very easy, what you've to do is to open Go4Convert.com/ToPdf and once the page appear's you will see a red button "Choose File" so by clicking on it, you can select a file with .DjVu extension.After selecting the file, you just set back and a short process of uploading and converting starts automatically, once it completed (depends upon the file size) you get a download link at the for the converted file with .pdf extension.

DjVu-pdf - Free DjVu to PDF Online Converter

djvu-pdf online convert
It belongs among one of the best and most popular's web-apps that converts your file with .DjVu Extension to the .pdf extension. As i mentioned above, you can use this on any operating system i.e Mac, windows or Linux. If you haven't a DjVu reader install on your machine, you can use DjVu-pdf to convert it to the searchable pdf online and can open it easy using the pdf reader.

How to convert DjVu to PDF using DjVu-pdf?
It is very easy to convert your file using this tool, what you've to do is to visit DjVu-pdf, and at the top of the page, click on the "Choose file" button and then click on "convert" button after selecting a DjVu file from your computer. Once you clicked, the page reloads and gives you some options that how you want your resultant to be? There are two main options i.e Basic Preferences and other relates to Searchable pdf.
For instance, you want your pdf file to be fast-loading and of smaller size, you've to select "Very slim". This option actually makes the text of the file as plain-text to make the pdf search-able.You can also preview the pdf to see it how it looks like? Also you can select the compression level. After that all, you can click on convert button to let is start the conversion.

That's all over dear friends. At the end of our post I would like to say thank for reading our post and hope that you find our post & collection of the top Free DjVu to pdf converters online helpful. I suggest the above tools because I already used them for the conversion of my files and found really helpful. If you know about any other tool that you used and works fine, don't forget to share it with us in the comment box.

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