Best Free Online PDF Compression and Optimizer tools

Do you have a file in pdf format and you think that the pdf file size is bigger? Don’t worry you can make use of free online OCR’s pdf compressor tools that reduces the size of your entire pdf file online for free. While reducing the size of your pdf file, it don’t asks you for anything to pay or even to register yourself with those websites to get access. Even that these web-apps and online OCR don’t ask you to install an extension for the compression of your pdf file with their tool.

So why not try using these online pdf file optimizers and pdf file reducer tools that let you compress your pdf files online for free within a short interval of time? If your answer is yes, then there is one more thing to keep in mind. You should look for that free online pdf compressor tools (also can be called as online pdf shrinker tools) that shrinks your pdf files online which is faster and a perfect match for your desired demand.
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How online pdf compressor tools does works?

In simple words, pdf optimizer and compressor tools uploads your selected pdf’s to their cloud server and process them to reduce the size. After shrinking the size of file you uploaded, it gives you the compressed file. In other words, when you select a pdf file form your computer’s hard drive, it starts compressing your pdf file as you’ve installed a software on your computer and it started their process on your pc. After completion of the process, it shows a message (Your file has been shrinked from Actual size to reduced size) with a download link from where you can directly download the reduced file. After sometime, it deletes your file from their directory and upload files from other users…

For What You Should Use PDF Optimizer Online Tools?

I think we already cleared it above. As we said that pdf optimizer tools reduces the file size of the uploaded pdf file which can be downloaded directly through the link available there.

How to Compress PDF to Reduce PDF File Size Online?

For this purpose, people can also use pdf compression desktop software but I think if you are in a hurry and don’t want to waste your time while downloading and installing software on your computer and make your computer slower, you can make use of free online pdf size reducer tools to make the pdf file smaller! The process of making a pdf file smaller with these online tools is very easy because we’ve made a research on it from last day and collected the best and easiest online OCR’s. In case of all, you will have to upload your pdf file from your computer and then click on the appropriate processing button, wait for a moment and then click on the download link when appears!!! Isn’t it so easy? Smart people always use these to compress and reduce their pdf file sizes which are bigger.

PDF Compressor, Shrinker, Reducer and Optimizer tools to make it smaller online

reduce resize optimize compress pdf
To make it easier for you, we will be adding a short description in case of each tool listed below to let you easily pick up the one which look the perfect as of your demand. So don’t forget to read the description which contains the process of shrinking the pdf files with the particular tool. So let get started with the list.

PDFZipper – Free Online PDF Compressor
reducing pdf file size

After looking at the huge free online pdf compression tools, I found PDFzipper more useful than at all. With use of an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand it allow you to upload and shrink the file size of pdf online for free.  The process of reducing the size of pdf’s is that first to choose the pdf file either from your computer or by entering the URL of the file. Then click on upload button. Now wait a moment till the process of compression ends. When the page reloads, you see a message that tells you how much we reduced the pdf file size for you. Below it you can see a button to download the file directly.

Small pdf’s online pdf shrinker tool
make pdf smaller

Small pdf is an online OCR which provides free online pdf conversion and compressor tools. Here we will be using it as a free online pdf file reducer tool. In order to start compressing your pdf file with small pdf, you’ve fist to visit smallpdfwebsite and then click on (red) upload button. Once you’ve uploaded your pdf file successfully, the page reloads after process completion and gives you the file with the smaller size than the uploaded one.
My research found it more suggest-able. The reason is that I compressed one file with the above one and this one simultaneously and got to know that it reduced the pdf file smaller than the above one.

Compress-pdf – makes pdf file smaller online for free

A special pdf compressor online tool that make the bigger pdf files smaller for free. It says that after compressing the pdf file, we delete the file from our directory and it don’t remains available any more after an hour. But sometimes the tool doesn’t works fine and you’ve to upload your pdf file again to make it smaller from the bigger size. Since the tool is specialized in compression, it is very simple, clean and easy to use. You can visit compress-pdf to reduce pdf file size online for free.

That’s it dear readers, I hope you found our today’s collection useful and was helpful for you. While writing this post, our priority was to include that tool in the list which compress, reduce, and optimize your pdf file fast and in an easy way. I hope you will find it useful when you want to reduce the file size of a pdf you’ve. At last don’t forget to share your views about this post and sharing it on your social networks with your friends.

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