Call To Action (CTA) Buttons | 10 Tips to Make it Eye Catching

The objective of call-to-action (CTA) is to acquire more number of visitors clicking on your website and also finishing a conversion. You utilize the call-to-action buttons on your site, and on your landing pages for showing your users on the way to your goal conversion so that they click on them. CTA buttons ranges in size as well as in style relying on your site style as well as your goal conversion. Few significant examples of call-to-action buttons include Free trial sign-up buttons, Add to cart buttons and Download buttons.
Call to Action CTA

We’ve referred here 10 best practices to produce attractive call-to-action buttons that will assist you in gaining more clicks from your striking buttons and also support your digital marketing campaigns to increase conversion rate.  

1. Utilize action-packed text

Call-to-action characterizes stunning action-packed texts. You can alternate dull works such as enter and submit for action-oriented words like reserve, try and get. These words should keep to particular text that recounts to your offer, such as Reserve Your Seat, Try Our Free Trial, and Download Whitepaxper.

2. Big and comprehensible text

You should make sure that your button text should be big so that it can be read in a simple way and it can draw great attention towards it, but not very large that it entirely overpowers the rest of the text content.

3. The colors of the button

You should consider your button colors. Normally orange and green buttons are considered to execute superbly. These buttons depend on your website design. You can even try out running squint test if you’re interested to know which CTA color button will execute greatly on your web page.

4. Snazzy button shapes

While creating an ideal CTA button, the button shape acts as a great role. It is up to you to go with either a button with square edges or else with a rounded button shape. You need to test these shapes in order to know how both of them perform better in distinct settings.

5. Don’t extend button text:

If you’re thinking of stretching your action-oriented button text, then skip this idea as it is not at all a good move. Actually you should keep that particular button text to only two to five words.

6. Natural hierarchy

At times you may see that there are other buttons present on your web page which are not actually the major call-to-action conversion buttons. These other buttons may be grasping less attention than the major CTA button. If it is your non-CTA button, then you can experiment with gray scale buttons or try out monochromatic colors. You should keep your major call-to-action button large, attractive and brilliant.

7. Maintain it above the fold

You should ensure that you maintain your call-to-action placed above the fold which will help your users not to miss it. Essential information should remain above the fold, and additional information should remain below the fold where it stays measurable but not much sidetracking.  

8. Dig up fancy along with button graphics

There are few cases where tiny graphics or arrows positioned on your CTA button may have an effect on click-through-rates. If you are trying to use graphics, ensure that your icons simplify easily, instead of puzzling the offer for the users. Take for example; you would like to ward off utilizing a disk download icon for the users registering for webinar.

9. Cart call-to-actions

E-commerce websites would like to execute A/B testing their cart or purchase buttons by spending more time on it. By doing small amendments in the cart buttons, there can be huge affect put on the conversion rates. You should see that you should provide buttons for other kinds of payment options such as PayPal which can be a big enticement.

10. Utilize button copy for value proposal

You will view that quite many buttons add the word ‘free’, like ‘Get My Free E-book.’ Free word being an attractive word, can be used in button copy that highlights the value proposal of your offer. You should reflect upon your offer’s value proposal and at the same time make a note on how it may be exhibited superbly in your call-to-action button.      
Thus, you can now start implementing the above eye-catchy call-to-action buttons for gaining more number of clicks on your site!
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