10 Tips to Customize Maps with Google Map Builder

Plenty of geo-location based WordPress themes are available that offer customize-able maps for the users so that they can easily find particular places such as hotels, restaurants, venues, event places, etc. Google Map is one of the exact map services accessible on a web. Google Map is considered as the strongest and the best services ever, whether the user is using it from desktop’s browser, or from an app of a smartphone. It is excellently customized with the regulation of map styles API control and use of slight JavaScript programming.  Google Maps is filled with helpful features.
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How to Use Google Map Builder to Customize Maps:

Let’s explore 10 best tips of customizing maps with the use of Google Map Builder.

1. Position your Home and Work location

You have to click on ‘My places’ that is situated at the top lest-side of the page, and then position your Home and Work address. While getting a direction from your home or work, you just need to type ‘home’ or ‘work’, rather than typing full address there.

2. Saving Directions to My Maps

If you have produced a custom map, or any direction with numerous stops, you might like to save it for using it later on. Just when you acquire the directions from your map, you can quickly click on ‘Save to My Maps’ situated at the bottom. When you are done with saving a map, you can see it by going back to ‘My Places’ > ‘Maps’. You can even craft custom maps with the help of your own markers, notes, etc.

3. Look out for the Live Traffic

With the help of Google Maps, you can easily exhibit live traffic specifications on the map that lets you to get the latest traffic into consideration while sketching for your route. In order to look out for the live traffic, you can drift close to the Satellite icon placed at the top right spot of Google maps view and click traffic.

4. Collaborating the Saved Maps

You can spot your map as private or public. You can even give invitations to your friends for collaboration and further edit your custom map that will be useful while planning an exciting trip with friends, and also like to plan jointly the directions with few stops that come in between. While saving a map, move to ‘My places’ > ‘Maps’ > Choose your map > Click on ‘Collaborate’ at the top for running the collaboration setting. 

5. Your favorite location

When you come across a specific location and see it [park, garden, restaurant], you can now click on the star icon available that will be marked as your favorite spot. After doing it, you can also see your other favorite spots by moving to ‘My places’ > ‘Starred’.

6. Include Numerous Destinations

While planning for your trip, you can keep on adding numerous destinations and obtain one trip for all these destinations on the mentioned block displayed with ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ locations. You can even apply the Add Destination Link for inserting every destination that you want to in the list, and further drag and drop letters to the left side of every stop in order to re-order the list. You will be certainly helped by Google to select the most proficient route for each destination.

7. Acquire link for your Directions

After obtaining your route directions, you can swiftly acquire the link for your direction as you click on ‘Link’ icon situated next to ‘Print’ icon placed at the top left side, if you are eager to email this to your friends.

8. Customizing your Mode of Transit

As per your locations, you may have approach to public transport and bicycling directions that chooses the best route. You can even choose extra options by clicking on the Show Options link on the web page, for example, while driving you can evade highways, or while picking public transport, you can choose transit mode type- bus, rail, or subway. You can even view a particular map of your current locations chosen which exhibits best cycling routes.  

9. Google Earth View

You can easily install Google Earth browser plugin available on Mac OS and Windows for viewing ‘Earth View’ maps in 3D. Thus you can shift your mouse to ‘Satellite’ at top right-side spot that will exhibit ‘Earth’ icon just next to ‘Satellite’. Here you can click on Satellite for installing Google Earth plugin.

10. Google Map Marker

With the use of Google Map Maker, you can easily update proper info regarding your local areas towards the Google Maps. Once it is executed, evaluated and commended, everybody can see it.   
Hence by now you might have had a clear idea regarding the above tips that would help you greatly in customizing Google Maps effortlessly. If you’ve liked our article, do share your views!
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