Linear Actuators Control Tips for Ipad/Iphone

Linear actuators are found in several industrial applications, as well as mechanical designs. They are actuators that create linear motions (motions that are in straight lines) instead of the circular motions that emanate from the convectional electric motor. They are employed in the industrial machinery and mechanic tools in the peripherals of the computer such as printers, drivers et cetera.  Pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders produce this type of motion characterized as linear motion. Moreover, various mechanisms are employed to generate the motion especially from a motor that is rotating. According to In ICT, the system of linear motion and actuators are controlled by the mobile devices such as iPhones or iPads. The development of these systems is the ability to link the systems motion and the actuators thus enabling all the aspects of the system. The linear actuators and the mobile devices use Wi-Fi internet connection as a common platform for communication.
Linear Actuators Tips

The circular motions produced by the motor enables the actuators to create horizontal motions. Most of the forms of the linear actuators are usually applied to the electric TV lifts for controlling a table through the iPad which includes Hydraulic, mechanical, pneumatic, and piezoelectric actuators.

 In a hydraulic actuator, there is a hydraulic cylinder inclusive of a piston that converts the piston's vertical motion in the cylinder towards the circular motion (rotary) related to the crankshaft. The translated motion in turn pushes the table either downwards or upwards depending on the operator's need. The iPad may help in operating the start of the motions of the pistons cylinder. Moreover, the hydraulic pump controls the hydraulic actuator.

 According to, piezoelectric actuators are one of the major applications through which materials or substances expand on the voltage's application. Their corresponding resolutions of the applications are exceptional thus the applications can be used for lifting tables across distances perceived to be relatively shorter. The use of this actuators feature is controlled by the iPads.

Ipad actuator

 Mechanical Actuators encompasses the translation of rotary or circular motion to linear motion. The iPads control the automated mechanical actuators, as well as its remote applications. This is because the translated motion is accomplished through the use of mechanics such as screws, cams, rack and even the pinion system.  For the screw system, the rotation causes linear motion of the shaft while for the cam actuators the linear motion produced through magnitudes of limited linear travel.

 Pneumatic Actuators are quite similar to the hydraulic actuators with pressure being the major principle behind the motion. The fluid used in this aspect is either gas or liquid as the working fluid. The table's linear motion is operated through either the release of compression of the fluid. The applied force to the actuators resulting into the linear motion can be modified and advanced through the motor. It is controlled remotely by the iPad applications installed in the pneumatic system.

 Depending on the specification of the designs, it is vital that the performances of these actuators are maintained. It is discouraged for the operators to lift loads that are more than the specification. The main parameters that the iPads control are the speed of rotation, and the table's length of travel. Moreover, the motor's work cycle is a vital determinant of the performance irrespective of the devices used.


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