Top 5 Camera Phones Of 2015

Technology never stops growing and when it comes to phones, it gets advanced much more quickly. Camera is one thing that most of the people are concerned about when they want to get a new phone. So let's find out some of the best camera phones that have released this year. Find out more about the news and events happened this week in tech if you are interested.

1. Samsung's Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge:

A phone that is also famous for its other features has got an amazing camera too. With its 16 MegaPixel, stabilization of image to keep images clear and a crystal clear ultra-wide angle lens which helps in capturing more light, the Galaxy S6 is no doubt one of the best camera phones available in the list. Colors of the photo captured by S6 are bright and vibrant and the image offers amazing detail in both the bright and dark conditions. One more interesting feature about S6's camera is that you can open camera and take a picture in less than a second which is faster than any other smartphone available so far.

2. LG G4:

No other company has taken camera as seriously as LG did and with the launch of G4, LG has pulled out all stops for camera. It's not simply amazing because it has a 13 MegaPixel image sensor that secures fine details and colors in its eye but it’s fantastic because LG gives you an opportunity to set the controls of your camera manually. This helps you capture different things like a professional with all the settings of your choice.

3. Sony Xperia Z3:

If you love taking pictures at night, then this camera phone can be your perfect choice. Its ability to take brighter pictures in dim conditions is simply amazing. This is because Sony has used the BIONZ image processor in it which Sony only uses in its popular digital cameras.

4. HTC One M9:

This new model takes pictures with its 20 MP image sensor. Once you take a shot, you can edit them like a professional with the powerful editing tools provided in the phone. HTC also used its UltraPixel technology which makes it one of the top selfie cameras. UltraPixel allows three times more light than normal, making more detailed photos.

5. Galaxy Note 4:

Another camera phone by Samsung is the Galaxy Note 4. Its standout feature is not the camera but the it’s big screen and S pen that lets you edit your pictures very efficiently. Quad HD Display helps you see the details about what you are doing.

These are some of the some of the best camera phones of 2015. Find out the best camera Apps for Android here!


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