Best Free uTorrent Alternatives to Download Torrent Files

Torrent seems to be the best source for downloading large files and people from all around the world using this peer to peer file sharing network. Whether you want to download the new Linux ISO or latest videos of your favorite pop star or a latest movie, torrent is there to help you. Downloading files from torrent download sites is little different from our general download. 
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To download files from torrent sites, we need to take help of software which is generally called as torrent clients. I can remember those days when uTorrent used to be the best torrent clients and it was one of the favorite software for all the internet users. I was also a big fan of uTorrent, after all this was the only software that was allowing me to download my favorite files within some clicks. uTottent used to be a light weight app with simple interface. Then the disaster happens when BitTorrent acquire the uTorrent and resulted in uTorrent being filled with lots of spammy ads and spammers.

The uTorrent, then lost its nature of being simple and open-source. Then people started searching for good alternatives to uTorrent as there no way to stick to this network. Now there are still a lot of people who use this network, but a large chunk of people just thought to leave this platform. This was a big advantage for the uTorrent competitors and most of them came up with some new torrent clients.

Best uTorrent Alternatives- Best Torrent Clients

Today I will be sharing some of the best uTorrent alternatives that give more feature than uTorrents. I hope you will enjoy this list of best uTorrent alternatives.


If you ask me for my favorite uTorrent alternative then my answer would be the qBittorrent. This is the perfect alternative to qBittorrent with all the features that we miss now on uTorrent. It has all the old features of uTorrent with simple interface. It is a light weight app with open source nature and you won’t find any kind of ads here.


Deluge is another open source and cross platform torrent clients which is compatible with all the major OS including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Deluge tried its best to provide the same experience that uTorrent used to provide before BitTorrent acquire it. Even it has almost the same interface like the old uTorrent with all the basic and advance features.


Tribler is the best alternative to uTorrent for those who want to download files anonymously. Yes, Tribler a free, open-source torrent clients which is mainly focused for anonymity. This is something which is unique and you won’t find this feature on any other client. Tribler is also an ad free torrent client which is mainly focused on user satisfaction.


Transmission is the torrent client that is available for Mac OS and Linux. In fact, this tool is pre-installed in some of the Linux distributions like Ubuntu and Fedora. Unfortunately Transmission doesn’t support Windows OS. The main motto for Transmission is to keep this tool as simple as they can. And this can be noticed on the software homepage. But don’t go with its simple design, this tool is more powerful than the current uTorrent and it will not disappoint you.


Torrent is always the best choice for everyone who loves to download large files like movies, games, software and videos. With the above torrent clients you can always download your favorite files for free anytime and these torrent clients give you the feel of uTorrent that we used to get before BitTorrent acquire it.

I hope you liked this article. If you have any question or suggestions regarding this article, then do let me know in your comments. I will be there to help you.

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