What potential WhatsApp has to harm your child?

WhatsApp is the new in trend messaging application used worldwide.
There are more than 70 million WhatsApp users in India found out in a survey in October 2014. this is quite mch and the teenagers are quite a lot influenced by this small messaging app, they have defined the term "Whatsapp" in their own special way.

 Teenagers use this app on a regular basis either on their personal mobile phones or on their parents’ phones. Whatsapp is much, no matter what the source maybe! In a recent study, it was found that every WhatsApp user checks or looks at his/her WhatsApp 150 times a day on an average!!
but the big question I would say is:


Do the elders or the children realise what WhatsApp would lead to in their future?

WhatsApp is used to send messages, video, voice messages and pictures. One of the main reasons why a child borrows their parent’s phone is to check their WhatsApp messages.  It is the new social network for teenagers nowadays. Children participate in group chats. It is hard for people to get their eyes off their phone late at night, waiting to see just the last message which they receive. Also, the first thing in the morning is to check their WhatsApp messages.

If we try to look back to the time a decade ago, parents were aware of the threats their child could go through than in today’s modern world.

To make their loved ones safe was to keep an eye on their children by whom they were talking to, their friends, and making their child to be eagle-eyed was everything. I would say that the technology is ever-growing, children before anything demand for a good phone and a laptop. Whatsapp is growing at a double pace day by day, may be you must have heard the rumour of creating a whole new interface which id quite a lot more accessible for Note 6, iPhone 8s, iPhone 8, Galaxy S8! Well, that's the market they won't stop you will have to decide how you take your guns for your child future!

But today, the situation has totally flipped. One may not be able to understand but today’s technology has accessed their child since one does not know how to keep their child safe on the messenger app. WhatsApp’s terms and conditions clearly state that no child under the age of 16 should use the app, but no one can stop children! Unlimited use of any sort of communication app has many drawbacks. It is too time consuming. Your child could get involved in any kind of habits, good or bad. Your child could get vulnerable to bullying, exploiting and or sharing personal information. Regular use of a smart phone could ruin your child’s eye sight. But, being a parent you can always have appropriate ways to keep your child safe and secure.

Speaking to your child about the harm can prevent this. Talk to your child about what applications and websites they like, give them an insight of what content is appropriate and what is inappropriate for their age; involve them in the conversation. Educating your child about the usage of the social network has become very important in today’s time.

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