WhatsApp Profile Picture Prank: How To Amaze Your Friends?

What if I told you that you can change the profile picture of your friend without even letting him know? Sounds unbelievable? Well, you will have to have faith on me for this one!

But there’s a catch! The change in the profile picture would only appear for your friend and you cannot change it in anyone else’s phone. Umm.... Then what is the use of this prank? Patience. This article will cover everything step by step!
I assure you that you will leave your friend awestruck with this prank! So sit still for the guide-cum-ride.

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First, how to change the WhatsApp profile picture of your friend on your phone!

What we are going to do is remove the profile picture image of your friend in your WhatsApp directory and place a funny picture in its place.
1.     Goes unsaid, the very first step is to find out an image that you would like to use. The image should be around 561x561 in dimension. (I suppose any image of associated dimensions might work, but it should be a square image).
In case you don’t find any image, you can use this cute little monkey:

2.     Go to Contacts and copy your friend’s number.
3.     Now rename your chosen image as your friend’s number, and remove the “+”. Like for example, if your friend’s number is +91-1234567890 you should rename the image as “911234567890”.
4.     Copy-paste the image under Internal Storage -> WhatsApp -> Profile Pictures.
5.     It might ask if you want to overwrite the file, click on YES.
6.     Now open WhatsApp and see, the profile picture will be changed.
Here you can see it in action:

prank in action

Awesome, isn’t it?

How I played a prank with this?

The sad thing is that you cannot change the profile picture on anyone else’s phone with this trick, but here’s the best you can do:

Case 1. If you meet a friend personally, then……

Golden opportunity. Show your friend your phone asking why he has kept such a hilarious profile picture. His facial expressions might show amusement, and when he will see the image, he will definitely be shocked. However, he can easily sense that you are the culprit, if you don’t act properly. :-p

Case 2. If you can’t meet him, then…..

Simple. Ask your friend why he has kept a monkey in his profile picture. Argue a bit with him. Then, take a screenshot of his hilarious profile picture and send him. He will be trolled for sure.

Final Verdict

Yes, this is a cute little prank, but you can use it for any person and get some fun out of it. Your friends will ask you again and again for this trick, and if you wish to share this little trick, just share this article link to your friends, so that you don’t have to explain the trick to him!

Note: This was a guest post by Yashraj Kakkad, Hope you've liked it.

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