Top 10 PC and Mobile Monitoring Apps to Track Activities Remotely

Many distinct stealth PC and mobile tracker software are accessible in the market. You will expand a pretty good knowledge on these software’s amazing features, functions, compatibility, and dependability. Such aspects will assist you to comprehend how each of the software executes and what they provide you. The user can never know that they are tracked on their PC/mobile activities. You can explore the best software that fits your monitoring requirements. You can gain info that you want to know in a secret way which is a great advantage of spying your target person. Mentioned here are the 10 best PC and mobile monitoring apps that can remotely track all the activities.
Win Spy software
Win Spy software can spy excellently on PC and mobile devices remotely at reasonable prices. Its rich features cover safeguarding children from using unknown websites; tracking all the activities of family members and colleagues; getting quick GPS location; tracking SMS, messages, emails, and social networking sites’ chats; record calls; obtain real-time reports; video support; Google maps; keylogging, alerts, and many more.  
Being brilliant spy software for PC and mobile devices, One Mobile Spy has beneficial features adding monitoring SMS, chats, texts, emails, and contacts; real time monitoring; monitoring in stealth; listen to phone backdrop and live conversations; obtain current geo-location; checking all the vital activities on mobile/PC, etc.
3. Spyera
It is a progressive mobile and PC spy tracking software that is fully guaranteed and verified one. It is well-suited with Blackberry, Android, Windows, and iOS that provide you with many distinct packages. Its features comprise of live call listening; access to multimedia files; live call recording; record phone surrounds; grabs password; location tracking; tracking address books, SMS, emails, chats, and messages; view web history; monitor social networking sites ‘s messages, and notifications of SIM card change.
4. SpyAgent
SpyAgent monitoring software provides you with blocking, quality monitoring, and reporting all the significant features in order to keep tabs on the targeted mobile and PC devices. It is very effectual spy that offers superb features and top monitoring control. It even allows you to track the activities of targeted user and prevent online activities on PC and mobile. It presents wide-ranging logs, reports, and typed keystrokes on your monitored mobile and PC.
7. WebWatch
The software can detect the pornography sites that are visited. It presents you with varied features and tools to check, filter, block, and further report the mobile and computer internet use. This spy software can also assist in detecting and blocking the unnecessary activities on net. WebWatch has solid computer and mobile tools. This is a magnificent product to install and use, and even keep quick tabs on the use of your children and other targeted person on mobile and PC use.
8. SniperSpy 8
This spy software presents website blockage, real-time monitoring, screenshots, and keystroke logging. It lets you to see all the activities on the targeted PC and mobile application, and also reports and logs in real time. It is a good selection if you require remote monitoring of mobile/computer. You can view screen live, and you even the capability to control specific features of the PC and mobile thus making it the top spy winner.
9. Elite Keylogger
This spy software has fine monitoring software that can easily track mobile and computer internet use. It provides outstanding tools and features for getting the full updates of target user’s activities. It presents an easy to use interface as you can easily install this software in visible or invisible form.
10. Flexispy
It is the best software compatible with Android, iPhones, iPads, and Blackberry Mobile and PC devices with advanced ranges of features in premium version and extreme version. It’s key features include reading emails, SMS, and MMS messages; spying on passwords for emails and applications; spying on audio, video, and image files; instant GPS location; spying on Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, WeChat, Viber, and iMessage; monitoring the sites that are visited, and also bookmarks; accessing calendar, notes, contacts, and other installed programs; keylogging abilities; and blocking sites and applications.
9. Spector Pro
Spector Pro is an effective spy monitoring software for spying mobile and PC devices. You can obtain remote access towards the recorded data on PC/mobile. It is a strong monitoring software, and also parental control software. It has the capacity to monitor whatever the target user is viewing on mobile or PC, chats, messages, mails, typed keystrokes, and many more.
10. Refog Personal Monitor
This effectual spy software checks all the websites visited by the user using mobile or computer so as to track it closely. It provides features and tools for monitoring mobile and computer internet use at your home. You can track chat messages, emails, and SMS; set keyword alerts; record the utilization of all the applications on mobile/PC. It is simple to install Refog Personal Monitor, and use it too beneficially.
Hence, you can choose from the above best PC and mobile monitoring apps for tracing the user’s activities in a remote way.
About the Author –
Kaven is a coder spy geek and develop PC Monitoring Software. He works with Win Spy Software as a senior software developer.

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