How to qualify the tough engineering examinations making your way to the prestigious colleges

Do you possess a brain capable of solving those tricky technical problems and an analytical mind of designing things? If yes, then engineering is the right career for you. Prestige, social stature and money are what the profession has got for its practitioners. Both energy and the urge to excel in the career is what you need on an addition. Once you are sure to pursue a career in engineering, sky is your limit.
Struggle is the root to success for JEE
Blessed are those who become engineers and share the same prestige as doctors and lawyers. But it does not come easily to anyone. For enjoying the fruit of your labor, you have to make sure that the seed is rightly cultivated and the required proportion of water and nourishment. So it is for engineering as well. One has to go past many hurdles to enjoy the fruit of his/ her struggle. The first of all these is getting done and qualifying the JEE examination.
Understanding admission structure according to JEE marks
JEE or Joint Entrance Examination is the examination conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE). Post 2012, the board who used to conduct the AIEEE examination, combined it into one which then came to be known as JEE. However this JEE consists of 2 papers: JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. While the NIT ranking is what you get from JEE mains, the later gets you admission to the NIT in India.  Both these NITs and IITs are the dream institutions for candidates appearing for getting eligible to continue a career in engineering.
Start working hard from secondary examination
As a saying, no success is success until you work hard to achieve it. Only when you work hard; can you really attain the success. This makes it compulsory for the students willing to appear for the JEE examination to work hard and put in their 100%. The struggle begins right from your class 10th board examination. The marks you obtain in the science group only certify whether you are capable of continuing with the stream for your higher studies in class 11 and 12. Moreover, the time gap one gets between the completion of class 10th board and the commencement of class 11th session is a must to be utilized to the fullest for getting oneself ready for JEE Advanced Registration.

The current or prevailing JEE format
While JEE Mains permit students for getting admission to NITs and IIITs; JEE advance is for admission to IIT and ISM. However, only students qualifying JEE Mains are eligible for JEE advance. The Mains consist of 2 papers:
  • The JEE mains Paper 1 is for getting eligible to B.E or B.Tech courses and,
  • Paper 2 JEE Mains is for admission to degree courses in B. Planning and B. Architecture.
A student enjoys the option of either appearing in both the papers and any one of his/her choice depending on the specification s/he wants to continue study with.
IIT: The dream institution for all engineering applicants
There are some other prestigious government as well as private engineering colleges who adhere to the JEE marks and percentile for the admission criteria. But it is true that for everyone appearing for the examination, IIT is the dream they have in their eyes. IIT in India is the most prestigious institutions for pursuing engineering career. But how to reach its level is a question everyone has in their mind. The one and only step is qualifying the JEE.
Get those tricky problems solved
Preparation begins all from your home. Start practicing and solving tricky questions on physics, chemistry and mathematics. Mark those unsolved questions and return back to them later on to get them solved. This not only increases your confidence preparing you for this very national level examination, but is also considered one of the best forms of mental exercise. The competitive nature of this national level engineering entrance examination has given rise to a number of coaching centers making you eligible for cracking the examination and making way to one of the IIT Colleges in India. The score you get decides your admission as per the list of IITs.
Few last moment tips to increase your JEE score
Solve the last ten years JEE question paper including that of AIEEE and IIT JEE module for you have high chances of meeting something common. Never bring that negative thought of being incapable and losing confidence that you have. It is a stiff and tough examination not only for your but for all appearing for it. Follow all possible patterns so far used in JEE so that you don’t get nervous if the pattern changes all of a sudden (there are 99% chances of getting information about the new pattern beforehand). Most importantly, leave that which you have not studied for the last 2 years because last minute absorption of any topic can hamper your learned and known topics. So if you in class 11, its time you gear up and start practicing for the forth coming JEE examination and reach your goal.

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