Best Tools For Tutoring Online To Make it Standout

When kicking off an online tutoring career or even for voice over jobs, whether part time or full time, it’s important to understand the tools that you’ll be using down the road for the perfect balance of efficiency and quality. You don’t want to show up with Word 2000, and Apps that no one has ever heard of - you’ll go downhill quickly. There’s core tools for this field, and here’s a few as starter kits if you’re new to online tutoring.
online tutoring tools

The Cloud.

Sending documents back and forth is tedious, multiple downloads are required, and during this unnecessary traffic things may be damaged or lost. Glady, we have cloud services such as Google Drive, OneDrive and of course DropBox. These are all awesome and you should create an account for each one. Google Drive is my favorite, the apps are extremely simple and straightforward to use and live editing takes place for the fastest, and most efficient way to get work done between multiple parties. As an account owner, you’ll have access to cloud documents, presentations, and excel sheets just to name a few. Photo storage is easy as one click, and sharing is as easy as two. Don’t hold back from adding additional storage room from either of these services. As you advance with skills and content, storage will become your number priority. More importantly, you’ll never have privacy issues with these to cloud services,

The Apps.

If you’re using a Mac or a PC, you’ll need to grab your hands on Snagit - the screen capture software. Screencasting software used to be expensive, but now there’s a few out there that are offered at a low price. Sometimes, words can’t explain your thought process, and it’s tedious spending time trying to craft together these points and students don’t really have the same time you have. It’s a cool tool that’ll tag along your tutoring journey. It’s integrated with YouTube and Google Drive, meaning that any content captured here, is automatically shared with the integrated app (after a few settings adjustments). Next in line is DuetDisplay - this one is a beauty (Mac & PC) - but you’ll have to own a iPad to use it. The App allows you to turn your iPad into a dual display - basically extending your screen. You won’t know what you’ll use it for until you actually use, and trust me, it comes in handy. I personally use it to audit new assignments that come in, while I work on assignments in the other screen. This one is actually very cheap, and not to mention, their customer support is pretty awesome for a small startup company.

The Hardware.

I’m not a technician, but everyone knows specifications are important. You won’t be a fanatic gamer but you also won’t send countless hours on your computer playing Minesweeper, you need something just right, a little above entry level. If you’re planning on buying a PC, ask for an i5 or and i7 Intel processor. These are above entry level and they’ll be there for the long haul. For Macs - and if you’re budgeting - I’d recommend a refurbished model. Every Mac model is outstanding so you’re good on whichever one you pick.

If you’re serious about efficiency and quality, use the above tips and keep yourself looped in with updates and latest versions. Don’t stop digging for more until you’re the best version of yourself.


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