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Have you Ever try to download torrent files using any download manager? Or have you ever Tried to download Torrent files using IDM.Which is almost favorite browser For all user and almost every person using it for downloading their Files whether its Mp3 files or any document files you can download all files using Internet Download Manager Easily.But today we are not discussed on it, today we are going to post this article for users who want to download their files using their favorite download managers only.As we all know there are so many websites which allow the user to download Torrent files using IDM but here in this article, We will list The top 3 Websites From which you can download Your Torrent Files With Internet download manager.

Why were we downloading Torrents using Download managers instead of any Torrent software?

Yeah, Maybe sometimes whenever You are downloading torrent files using IDM.I am sure This questing comes in your mind and maybe you want answer for This but You won't get any accurate answer of the above question.The above question is fully based on a Person Mind Like as per me we are download Torrent Files using IDM because Some torrent files having low-quality seeds and they cannot able to give full or better download speed in any torrent software.Suppose we are downloading that low-Seed torrent file from Utorrent in fast network connection but still we are getting very-low-speed and that's why we are downloading our torrent files using an third party server and from there we can able to download torrent files using idm. Some of the best third party torrent downloading servers we have listed below.Let's have a look on it.Just like Dual Whatsapp.
download torrent files using idm

Top 3 Websites For Download Torrent Files Using IDM

  • Zbigz 
  • Bytebx
  • Bitport
These Three websites are The top Ones which is liked by the every user who is like to download torrent files using idm.These above websites Have their own Best features and we can say in their places all 3 Websites are best and below we have shared our experience with these top 3 Websites i am Sure You would surely like it and Choose the website which you are liking most for Download Torrent files using idm.

Zbigz (My Favorite)

download torrent files using idm
zbigz is One of the my most favorite website which i have Liked to download torrent files using idm.Zbigz is the Top & number 1 Website for Downloading torrents and almost its uses By Millions of Peoples.According to me its best website i have ever seen and you can even use its free account for downloading torrents but if you have zbigz premium account Then its Best For you Because Its Gives you premium Features for downloading Your files.

Bytebx - (alternative of zbigz)

download torrent files using idm
Bytebx which is also known as the number 1 alternative of we have already said it above all three websites are best in their places and bytebx is one of them.As all i can say Bytebx is another best option if you are not happy with zbigz then you can go for bytebx and if you have the premium account of bytebx then Its too great because bytebx premium account giving more features instead of zbigz.

Bitport.IO (Cloud Torrent Downloader)

download torrent files using idm
Bitport, yeah its cloud torrent download released few months before and released with some great features which is not supported by other Torrent If you are willing to download torrent files using idm then i will sugest you to Choose bitport because if you buy bitport premium account then Its giving an Inbuilt Antivirus feature which will be scan your whole torrent file for viruses.Due to this awesome feature its chosen by many persons for downloading their files.Moreover, You can also Compress or convert file after adding it to bittorrent.


we all know in this Smart world we loved to try different things which is makes our interest Much greater and Every day we are trying to do Different Things and our article is One of Them.We think you are bored by downloading torrents using same torrent applications that's why we have added the list of best Websites for download torrent usings IDM.According to us You should try these websites if You are downloading torrents in your daily Life basis.
So this is our article regarding the top 3 websites for download torrent files using idm From which you can download your torrent files With Full secure and with high-speed servers.You will get high download speed On low-seed torrents files too.Moreover, You will get some awesome features from these websites if you are using their premium account.
hope you liked our article.share this post and help others if they are regular downloading Torrent files your one share can help last, thanks for reading our article keep visiting for more.

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