The Best Technology Blogs of 2016

With new technologies being developed everyday, people wish to know more about their new smartphone, gadget or video games. This is why there are many review and preview blogs writing about new and interesting technology related subjects.


The people behind these blogs give their professional opinion about the latest developments or insider tips and tricks. They are the first to try the latest updates or products and pass their feedback on to you.

But, which ones are the best? Which ones have the most updated information? This is what one wonders when looking for reliable source of information. Created out of passion or as a job, technology blogs are what guide us through the decision-making process. They take the product on the first crash test and provide their final review to inform their readers.

News, smartphones, gadgets, gaming, and home technology are the dedicated categories of the Best Technology Blogs of 2016 awards.

One by one, the categories show the most updated and informative pages to follow when you need to keep up with technology. As a topic that comprises all the other categories, technology news starts off the list. Followed by smartphones as they are the most used technological device of our time. This section is followed by a presentation of the best blogs about gadgets. Gaming is next on the list because technology is not necessarily nerdy but still can be fun. The last mentioned is home technology, a category that is still growing and expanding across the globe.    

Here you can check the Best Technology Blogs of 2016 by Market Inspector.


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