An Easy-To-Follow Guide to Create a Professional Linkedin Profile

With more than 255 million monthly users, LinkedIn is classified as the third most important social networking site. We know that LinkedIn is mainly used for  professional networking. But, did you know that it also has a new feature called LinkedIn Jobs? How many of us are really using it in the right and most efficient way?

Originally, LinkedIn started with the aim of increasing one’s professional network, allow people to connect with their colleagues, and to get to know others in the similar fields.

Nowadays, it is possible to get connected with the Marketing Director of a company you are interested in or directly to the HR Manager of the company that you want to get an interview.

LinkedIn continuously proves to be an innovative business and social media. It's been coming up with new layouts, new apps, and new functions on the website. In fact, just a couple of days ago it released an app named LinkedIn Students aimed at being the essential tool for students who want to find emerging opportunities and new job positions.

In short, the importance of LinkedIn is becoming more tangible. Since this social networking site is vital for the purpose of job search, we need to make sure that our profile looks professional, in order to grab every possible opportunity.

In the infographic by Market inspector that follows, you can read 13 easy-to-follow steps that are necessary to assemble the foundation of your LinkedIn account. These tips may seem simple and effortless, but they are the main reasons why a lot of accounts are being ignored by recruiters. Check them out and boost your future career!

linkedin profile infographic


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