Say NO to Card Fraud - 38 Tips to Make Your Card SAFE

Over the last decades, the importance of online shopping has increased year after year, especially over the festive season. Every kind of item may be purchased online: from food to accessories, from holidays to furniture. Moreover, customers have the chance to immediately see if the desired item is available or not.

Payments take also place in the cyber world, giving to customers more possibilities to finalize their purchase. People, of course, know that they can trust online shops as much as the brick and mortar’s ones, but, unfortunately, sometimes they may face unfortunate situations. Technology, even though we really love it and we could not live without it, can be occasionally used against us.

One of these cases is card fraud, that is affecting one third of the consumers all over the world. This does not only happen when shopping online, but even during the simplest purchase in a supermarket or while withdrawing money at an ATM. Even after the introduction of Chip and Pin Technology, criminals have not stopped to find new ways to fraud customers and, more generally, card holders.

Anyone who has already experienced this type of crime knows all the complications he or she had to solve, not only to have the money back from the bank, for example, but also to use the card again. Apprehension and suspicion prevail, ruining the shopping experience to customers. For this reason, it is crucial to know how to avoid these situations. Epos Systems Guides created the following infographic to help people preventing these damaging situations to happen.
avoid card fraud

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