6 Important Things to Consider Before Using Expired Domains

Whenever bloggers and marketers think about the expired domains, there was a slight hesitation in their minds.
They don’t know what they have to consider when using an expired domain. So they are in a state of confusion whether to chose the expired domain or not.
If you are one of them who is having that confusion in your mind then don’t worry, here I am going to say some important tips which say what to consider before using expired domains.
Let's dive into the topic:

1 Anchor text:

Anchor text is the first one to start with; then it is nothing but a text in a hyperlink which is clickable. It is one of the best seo factors to add an anchor text which is related to the page.
When you think about the expired domains, you must check the anchor text of the expired domain before using it.
You have to judge the expired domain with the anchor text; you can take the anchor text profile from Ahrefs or Majestic seo. One can easily find out some factors by having a glance at the anchor text. You can simply find out whether your anchor text is over optimized or written in other foreign languages other than English.
If you ever find that expired domain has such factors, then it's always a best practice to stay away from that domain. So it's better to choose other domain.

2. Links:

Whenever you want to use a site, then you have to check its backlink profile to check the quality of the site. Links plays a major role in ranking your site so you should have a clear view of the backlink profile of the expired domain.
You can take the backlinks reports of the site in Ahrefs or other backlinks provider tools. You should consider some factors before using an expired domain. Let’s see them
Don’t consider expired domains which are having more spammy links it can cause you severe damage.
Make sure the domain has 50+ root domains linking to the expired domain.
Also, it’s best to have high authority sites links like search engine land, Moz, etc.

3. Content:

Content can make your blog or website go viral; it is always a best practice to check the expired domain content before you use that domain.
You can quickly check that expired domain content in way back machine. Make sure the expired domain has enough content published on its blog and also do that the expired domain niched must be relevant to your niche.
It is one of the most important points, and at the same time check whether the content is in English or foreign language, don’t encourage taking the expired domain with the foreign content.
You have to stay away from that, or else you will pay the price for it after you use that expired domain.

4. Check Spam Score, DA, TF and CF:

Checking spam score and other metrics like DA, TF and CF is always the best factor you want to work on the expired domain.
You can check your Spam score from the Opensiteexplorer which was powered by Moz. I recommend taking the expired domain which is having 20+ DA. You can have a look at the other metrics like TF and CF with the Majestic seo tool.
It's the best to sign if you have 20+ TF and CF if it is less than that then it was not preferable.

5. Domain Age:

I don’t have to say this mainly; we all know that domain age plays a vital role in sites authority, so it is recommended to use a high aged expired domain name to have a good grip on authority.
You can check the domain age in whois.doamintool.com, if you found any multiple time domain drop, then it was always doubtful.

6. Other factors you should look at:

It is best to check the expired domain whether it was banned by Adsense or not; you can have a look at it in “ctrlq.org./sandbox/
You can have a look at the indexability factor of the domain. You can find that on google if you discovered that your expired domain is indexed then it is a better sign.


These are few factors you should have look at when you are using the expired domain. If you have any doubts or want to share any factor, then you can comment us below.

Author Bio:
Nikhil Saini is the owner of Myquickidea.com, a blogging niche blog. Nikhil has a passion for blogging, wordpress, content writing and SEO. He enjoys working with a variety of businesspersons and bloggers throughout India. You can follow him on Twitter & Facebook. 

6 Things to Consider Before Buying Expired Domains



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