How Color Plays a Major Role in Branding[Infographic]

Marketing and branding is comprised of various elements. One of the most important factors taken into consideration while designing a brand is its color. Colors have the power of attracting attention.

Brands use a particular color in order to send a message to their consumers. Color and other visual elements can have a major impact on how the brand is perceived. For example, the color Red is known to grab attention, stimulate appetite, and increase the pulse rate. This explains why many fast food brands use Red to attract consumers. Discounts and clearance sales also use red color to pull in customers and lure them into buying their products.

Blue, on the other hand, is a color that’s known to curb appetite, hence you don't see many food brands using this color. Blue builds a sense of trust in the brand. Most of the major social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter use blue as their brand color.

The infographic made by Market Inspector has taken six colors and analyzed them based on their characteristics. You can also see different brands using these colors, and understand the reasons why they use a particular color.

It is essential for marketers to understand the psychology of a color and the message they are trying to send to their target market. Many brands also use neutral colors like black, gray, and white. These neutral colors are known to show simplicity and are perceived as premium or luxury. Brands like Apple, Honda, Chanel, etc. go neutral with their brand color.

Color psychology is one of the most challenging and interesting aspect of marketing and branding. Getting it right takes a lot thought by marketers and this can affect their brand recognition and perception. Take a look at the infographic below to see the importance of each color and what brands use these particular colors to maintain their brand identity.


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