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Whilst the Presidential nominees are busy debating over significant issues like health care, the war in Iraq, as well as the economics and safety of America, it appears nearly inane to ask them how they feel about the future of technology. We need to think about the future of technology as the future of America. A few of the major concerns in the technical field include keeping pace with a few other countries both in making new improvements in technology, as well as making present technology more available. Sadly, America is falling behind other developed countries and is currently fourteenth in supplying broadband access to its citizens.

All the nominees are pushing for a national access to the internet coverage plan. Hillary Clinton's plan, Connect America would utilize federal tax breaks to motivate the main communication firms to expand into less populated areas. Mike Huckabee feels that regulation and rules will help speed faster access to the internet to the masses and McCain believes that the authorities can encourage companies to narrow the margin between individuals with high speed access to the internet as well as the economical gap by offering tax benefits. When asked about net neutrality, Clinton, Barack Obama, and McCain all said they felt that most Internet traffic must be treated the same.

Huckabee did not know that net neutrality pertains to the preferential treatment of some forms of data on others and that several major ISPs are thinking about additional charges
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to individuals depending upon the quantity of bandwidth used. Once described, Huckabee felt that net neutrality was the best thing. His analogy comparing the Internet to a road as well as data to the vehicles on the highway sent his believe in equality on the web. On the issues of security and privacy, both Democratic prospects think that the present Homeland Security wiretaps along with other surveillance imposed by the Bush government must be put to an end. The Republican prospects believe that surveillance in the name of national security as well as also to fight terrorism should be allowed. All applicants considered that the government must support applications that encourage scientific advancement. Candice Carlson helps customers with the most recent technology news and reviews.

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