Establish Your Brand Identity with a Custom Logo Made with DesignEvo

DesignEvo is an online program that helps you design custom logo and also allows you to download your final logo completely for free. This is fantastic because there are other similar programs that although they allow you to design free of charge but at the time of going to download or save it, you have to pay. That's why DesignEvo is different!

Its main features are:

* Free service, totally customizable and with unlimited free downloads.
* More than a million icons available.
* Different fonts and styles to choose from.
* Very simple and intuitive to use.
* Available in many languages like German, Japanese, and Spanish.

Now let's show you how easy it is to design, go to and click on "Make a Logo for Free".

Later you will see the following screen, and in the icon search box, you can type what you want and you will get many pre-made results that you can add to your logo and midify its color, position, size, rotation, etc.

designevo logo maker interface

When you finished with the icon, and then you can write the text to describe your brand. And you can change the font color, size, style, and add outline or glow effect until everything is to your liking.
logo maker

What’s more, you can change the background by choosing a solid or gradient color. And if you click Layout option you will be able to generate four types of layouts automatically according to the elements you’ve added.

And you have different ways to level up your logo. For example, add shapes, lines, symbols, etc. and customize all the elements at will with layer managerment and smart alignment tools.

Once you are satisfied with your result, you can preview, or directly download it. You are going to download the logo in your computer in a compressed folder that will consist of 3 images files: jpeg, png, as well as a transparent png.

creating logo

Well in short, DesignEvo simplifys the process of logo design and saves you a large amount of budget. Bloggers, small businesses, startups and individuals who need a logo design but don’t have a budget can use it to create free custom logos, even without any particular design knowledge.


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