These Tips Would Make you Win in Your App Venture

Mobile apps are the most demanding things in the world nowadays. People heavily depend on them. The boom in the demand has also influenced businesses to launch mobile apps to increasing their revenue and reach more customers out there.

On the other hand, the growing demand of apps in almost every industry is preening the developers with several technical, and implementation related challenges. Of course, the successful apps have already address these challenges and become successful.

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A successful app is one that works flawlessly regardless of type of handset or OSs and wins the hearts of consumers. So what makes an app turn successful like WhatsApp or Instagram? We interviewed experts of the field and found four practical points that may turn your mobile app development idea into successful product.  

Make your app as light as possible
Mobile data is precious, for all of us. It costs money and in some cases, may the talk-time too. The reason why I am taking data seriously is that when you make a heavy-sized app, and push its updates at user-end devices, you ask users to spend their data. This is a painful situation because users want to save their data but apps want to spend it.  

I have experienced this pain and frankly speaking, I really do not feel any need to update apps every week despite the fact that with each update, developers fix major bugs and enhance app’s performance. Many users are seen to avoid app updates.

The way to escape from this situation is that developers should create lightest possible code and also when it comes to fixing bugs and errors, cover as many of them as possible in single update. Keeping weight lighter will not bother users for data and not pushing updates quite frequently will not make them feel that they are using an app which never gets perfect even after updating every week!

Get the real insights

Commencing development with merely getting inspired by a successful app will hardly deliver success. It’s because you aren’t aware of the insights that forwarded those apps to success. What to do then?

Before you get into mobile application development for your idea, make sure you consider it thoroughly for consumer behavior. You can begin it by involving your friends and family members, team and yes client themselves too. The more you are exposed to human psyche, the more you will have strong user-insights to create a successful app.

Learn the science of designing
Mobile application development is purely a science and mobile app developers must be expert in that. Of course programming is also a science but creating app is something that doesn’t only end at programming. It’s much more than this. A successful app developer is one who is found skilled in the science of properly weighing up the app for UI and UX.   

The app should solve a problem
Last but not the least – your app is supposed to solve a particular problem. In case it presents your business – it should either project your brand or aid customers in purchasing your products/services or simplify enterprise computing task. Whatever it will do, it should be meaningful for both you and your users.

Author Bio :-  Sofia Coppol is a digital marketing expert in Rapidsoft Technologies, a prominent software product development company offering magento development company, mobile app development and product development services across the global. She loves to write on latest web and mobile technology trends, startups and enterprises.


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