Battle of the Smartphone Camera Heats Up [Infographic]

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You cannot hope to be satisfied by your smartphone if it has a poor camera. There are smartphones coming out with front flash and the megapixel count on successive models feels like nothing short of a race. But things aren’t as simple as comparing megapixels. 
smartphone camera battle
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A more reliable standard are the DXO scores for videography and photography. A neat rear can help capture daily developments and sceneries. Front cameras are usually lower in megapixel count as well as quality since there is less space in the front to accommodate a better but bulkier camera. That is changing slowly though, and you’ll get front cameras as advanced as 16 MP, f2.0 in the HTC U11 and Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

iPhone cameras are regarded as superior to most Android smartphone cameras, and that does hold for the new iPhone 8 which has now made sure your captures are now exclusively HDRs. However, Google Pixel has a secret weapon, the aperture. Going to f1.8, the pictures clicked are sharp and also happen to be richer in color. The Pixel 2 fares well in videography, which shouldn’t be surprising given its image stabilisation and noise reduction. It explains why the phone gets DXO ratings as high as 98 and 96, for images and videos respectively.

Low light photography still remains an avenue where smartphones of all builds and brands struggle with. While the Galaxy Note 8 by Samsung does happen to be the better choice, it doesn’t fare as well when it comes to videography, scoring a comparatively low 84 DXO score.

The best smartphone when it comes to camera and photography/videography functionalities can only be chosen when factors like front camera stats, back camera stats, aperture size and authoritative reviews like DXO Score are all taken into simultaneous consideration. Megapixels alone do not tell how well a camera can perform in a variety of light conditions. Similarly, other factors like HD recording, image stabilisation and noise reduction can make even a lower MP camera better in performance than one with a lot of MPs. Here’s a neat infographic listing 8 best smartphone cameras and the respective categories they are best for.

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