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In the early 18th century, the life expectancy of an individual was to live no mora than 35 years. Poverty rate was extremely high (touching almost 94%) and literacy rate was no good as well having only 20% success rate. Today however things have changed for good. For example the life expectancy today ranges to a person living to about 60-70 years, 10% of the worldly population lives in poverty and about 80% of the population are literate. All of this happened due to the advancement in technology and information age.
But technology doesn’t stop here at all as the upcoming years (very soon) a new breed of technology is being raised that would break all the boundaries of a human brain’s thinking capacity. Some of the technologies are as follows:
future technology

Self-driven cars:

The mankind has seen the concept of self-driven cars on many occasions and many movies. But the concept is finally reaching its true potential and becoming a reality. In the course of next 5-7 years, self-driven cars would become quite common and as promised, they are designed and made to add to the convenience towards the human force. Meaning, less input, more output.

Clean energy:

The forceful attempts made to fight the climate change by diminishing the demand for energy hasn’t made much of an impact. Luckily engineer’s scientists, etc. have been working really hard on the supply side to create cleaner energy that is not only cost effective, but is also convenient.
The prices of solar cells has dropped to an extreme low due to the steady manufacturing advances. As compared to fossil fuels, solar would be now more cost efficient. The cost of wind has also touched to an all-time low which also isn’t not a pretty site to cherish.
Tesla however is making a high performance, electric cars and utilizing electric charging stations worldwide. Hopes are still in favor that clean energy could very soon be reaching a tipping point. For instance, japan has set an example by having more charging stations than gas stations.

Drones and Flying Cars:

GPS in the beginning was considered as a military technology but is now too common even for the average tax payer. Even the teenagers who’re trying to catch Pikachu have access to it. Likewise drones started also emerged as a military piece of art but is now shifting in the hands of the average user. For example, drones are now being used to check critical infrastructure, power lines, bridges, disasters etc. wherever a human being cannot reach easily. 
The big tech giants like Amazon or Google are now creating a new means of transportation using drones where once you’ve ordered, a drone would be sent towards your destination not to bomb you, but to deliver you the parcel.

Better food with science:

Earth is running low on water, resources and farmable land. This is eminent due to the inefficiency of food production systems. It almost takes 1800 gallons of water to create 1 pound of beef. But new means are now available that help in improving the food system. For instance, entrepreneurs are now creating new food products which are tasty alternatives for traditional foods but are more environment friendly. 

Upcoming trend of data security:

The latest news includes the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence into cyber security. The initial concept of Artificial Intelligence was to make the human life more convenient by fulfilling time-consuming tasks. Now, Artificial intelligence is expanding to a completely new level. For example, a few efficient data security new software(s) are in the making that would ultimately render all the efforts useless emerged from the hacking side.  
Since these intruders are getting too smart with their technology, best case is to fight a machine with machine. Till now, the most brute force of security were the encryption software options which were using 256-bit encryption. The future however does not stop here and emerges to even greater heights. 
If this idea is successfully implemented (as per the creators), then the system you use would become self-sufficient. It would eliminate any threat before it emerges and penetrates. PCs, laptops, gadgets, smartphones etc. would become a thinkable tool that would avoid making any mistakes leading to data theft cases. However, to be precise, this security software option is still far from reality but it still holds the spotlight in the list of upcoming greatest inventions of all times. 


The concept of technology is altering again and again and there seems to be no stopping to it. Even the mobile phones that were just as new yesterday are not of the same worth anymore. Hence, mankind is also supposed to stay updated with all the possible features or else, he or she would miss out on a big chunk of life no matter what the category is like automated cars, clean energy, artificial intelligence etc.


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