Covid 19 - Can You Use a Rapid Antigen Covid Test for Travel? | Episode 5

✈️ THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO COVID TESTS FOR TRAVEL | Confused about the 5 types of covid tests: antibody, rapid antigen covid test, NAAT, PCR, and LAMP? What about travel if you've had the vaccine and you're fully vaccinated? Many people think you can only use a PCR test for travel, but that's not the case. I'll explain everything you need to know to travel safely... In this episode #5 of The Travel Pro Show, I also delve into the news about United Flight 328 that had a dramatic engine failure on its way from Denver to Honolulu, Hawaii. The footage is shocking! Are you confused about the 5 types of covid tests? You're not the only one! Most travelers are. I'll break down the topic and explain everything you need to know, to travel safely and conform to the requirements... Also in this episode, we'll visit the world's most jaw-dropping Starbucks in Dubai, it looks like the inside of a Persian palace! We'll also review an app called SeatGuru, designed to help you find the best seat on every flight! Ready to learn some cool advanced travel packing tips? We have 7, including how to use travel packing cubes, and minimalist travel packing. We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions about any aspect of this episode, in the comments.

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